Why you shouldn’t play the Playtech anymore?

playtech source of success

Online gamblers are pretty much familiar with the name Playtech. It is a famous software and the largest online gambling software game developer company. They are the ones that developed tons of your favorite casino games and slot games even online slot Malaysia. They are the biggest game providers of online slot Malaysia. If you have played in 918kiss or any other famous casino sites, you might have come across Playtech online slot malaysia games at least once. The analysis shows that Playtech alone is the supplier or you could say the powerhouse of 299 gambling sites around the world.

What is Playtech?

Founded in 1999. Since 2001, when they released its first product, the company has enjoyed quick growth and success. They collaborated with other industries like Marvel Studios to make their games more exciting and favorable among movie lovers. But unfortunately, these marvel movie-themed games are not available as Disney has backed up from the agreement. But they managed to keep their movie lover gamblers entertained by cutting out a deal with DC. Now you have Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, and Justice League and they do deliver some intense gambling experience with graphics and other rewards.

What is 918Kiss?

One of Playtech's games serving online casino is 918kiss. 918kiss is thriving with Playtech games that ensure both quality and reward. It is one of the favorite online casinos of the people of Malaysia.

The Downfall of Playtech

Lately, they are not doing much noticeable improvement and expansions in their games. They had a huge backlash and now stepped down from the spotlight.

They took some huge blows in their business. The first one was from the USA. The USA has actively made banks stop transactions with gambling sites which forced them to leave the US gambling market. But they managed to make up for this loss by focusing on the European market. But the problem here is almost 68% of Playtechs revenue comes from unregulated European markets. Now the active ban from the Malaysian government has put them in an uncertain position. Though it has stated they will stay in the Malaysia gambling network, their profits are falling quickly as well as their reward in the game.

 Players have noticed the downfall of Playtech games in Malaysia. The games aren’t getting many updates and do not hold up to the new games by other providers. So, if you are in search of some good online gambling games in Malaysia, then it would be better to look at games that are developed by others than Playtech.

 So, let's talk about some new online slot and gambling games provider.

1. Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd.

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd games online casino game provider

Unlike Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd.’s revenue comes from only the regulated market. Yggdrasil is the winner of IGA Innovator of the year since 2017. They are among some of the greatest new gambling game producers that hold up to the market demand of today.

 Yggdrasil always focuses on secure and responsible gaming as well as good gameplay and graphics. Their categories include table games, jackpot, blackjack, and video slots.

 Some of their top-notch slot games include Hades, Valley of Gods 2, Vault of Fortune, Jackpot Expert, and Avatars: Gateway Guardians.

 You will also find other online casino games like Dr. Fortuno blackjack, Sonya blackjack, and Golden Chip Roulette.

 Yggdrasil games are well crafted and certified with a reality check and proper verifications. You won’t have to worry about visiting the jail if you ever came across Yggdrasil games because the only way to access Yggdrasil games is to use legal mediums.

2. PG Slot

PG SLOT online casino game provider

As the name suggests, PG Slot is the provider of many beautiful online slot malaysia games. They have a wide variety of slot games collection that gets updated continuously, so they won't fall short for present-day demand and continuously entertain all players. This is why PG Slot is at top of the hot slot game list. Besides online slot malaysia games, there are more types of entertaining games like fish shooting. All PG Slot games come with smooth gameplay and great graphics, that won’t disappoint anyone.

 There are some auto slot games available in PG slots that will generate free credits and deposits in your account, which can be withdrawn very fast.

 They are the leading gambling game provider in all of Asia and maintain world-class security standards.

3. PragmaticPlay

PragmaticPlay online casino game provider

PragmaticPlay games are all about the premium experience. They provide the top gaming experience with their premium games. They are one of the leading suppliers in the iGaming sector. Their games vary from classical video slot to bingo and other live casino games. Each of them is accessible from Smartphones and PC. They are continuously updating their old games to keep them relevant while adding brand new games with diverse themes every month.

 Some of PragmaticPlay’s well-known online slot malaysia games are Eye of the storm, Dragon Kingdom, Congo Cash, and Mysterious Egypt. PragmaticPlay also features some other classical types of casino games like video poker and jackpot.

4. Betsoft

Betsoft Gaming online casino game provider

Betsoft is all about keeping its commitment which is to deliver high-quality premier gambling games. Betsoft games are designed with experienced people. From accounts manager to graphics designer to software developer. All games of this provider have 3D graphics that will deliver a cinematic feel in the gameplay.

 Some latest installments in Betsoft's large inventory of iGaming are Take Olympus, Take Santa's shop, Gears of time, the book of darkness, and primal hunter. All these games are really exciting to play and they get updated regularly, so it stays relevant throughout time.

5. NetEnt

NetEnt Better Gaming online casino game provider

NetEnt claims itself to be the pioneer of introducing new exciting casino games in the iGaming sector. The games made by NetEnt are over the top and run smoothly using HTML5.

 You might have come across some of their iconic games like Gonzo's quest, Vikings Video Slot, and Lost Relic. These games are packed with great 3D graphics and sounds, keeping you entertained all the time. They can be played on both smartphones and PC

6. Thunderkick

Thunderkick online casino game provider

Thunderkick is a different type of casino game supplier. It's a small studio consisting of about fifty people. Together they have made some unique games that are all about fun and entertainment. So, if you gamble only for fun, check out Thunderkick's games.

One of their famous line of games is Beat the Beast. It has countless themes. From Krakens lair to Griffin's gold to Cerberus inferno.

Make your Choice

So, if you are not sure about playing and making money in Playtech games anymore, you can always try out the ones we mentioned above.

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