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How to Make Instant Withdrawal at Online Casino in Malaysia

September 17, 2019 958 0
withdraw winnings online casino

Most Malaysian gamblers know how to deposit money in online casinos of their choice. But what about withdrawing their winnings?

You'll probably hear of stories in online casino forums where it takes gamblers days before they can even get their winnings. But it's not always horror stories.

There are ways to make fast withdrawals from online casinos, and there are also trusted online casinos that guarantee you'll get your winnings in an instant!

How to Instantly Withdraw your Winnings

withdraw winnings payout empire777

Let's take Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia EMPIRE777 as an example:


Log into your EMPIRE777 Casino Account

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Click the DEPOSIT / WITHDRAW button on the sidebar.

You will then be redirected to the WITHDRAWAL Page.

Choose the Payment Method of your choice.

There are options for Local Banks, e-Wallets, or Online Banking. There are even online casinos that offer cryptocurrency.

Enter the Amount you want to Withdraw

Then click Continue.

Fill up the Withdrawal Form with your Account Details

Then, click Continue to submit.
withdrawal form empire777

And you're done! Easy, right? Just wait for the confirmation that will inform you whether or not your withdrawal has pushed through.

withdrawal confirmation empire777 casino

What Withdrawal Methods are Accepted by Online Casinos in Malaysia?

Currently, EMPIRE777 Casino allows Withdrawal of Winnings through:

  • Local Bank
  • EcoPayz
  • Neteller

Both EcoPayz and Neteller are Secure Online Payment Services (E-wallet).

But, if you have a local Bank Account, then you can transact through Local Bank.

Minimum Amount, Withdrawal Fees and Processing Time

Each online casino and payment method has their own minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal, their own withdrawal fee and processing time.

For EMPIRE777 Casino, their Processing Time is 12 hours.

Their Minimum Amount for Withdrawal is only RM50, while the Maximum Withdrawal amount is RM25,000.

Keep in mind that each withdrawal amount limits and processing time differ depending on the online casino you're playing in.

What Do You Need to Make a Withdrawal?

For safety, make sure you have valid IDs and authentication that will prove that your identity is the same as the ones asked for by the online casino:

  • Scanned or faxed copy of Recently-paid Utility Bills
  • Driver's License
  • Other documents that show proof of your current address to verify identity

How to Make an Easy Withdrawal from your Online Casino Account?

✔ Choose a Trusted Online Casino like EMPIRE777 Casino that won't cheat you of your winnings. There are a lot of scam casinos out there, so don't fall prey to their evil schemes.

✔ Choose an Online Casino that has flexible and fast Payment Methods. Top online casinos like EMPIRE777 have options to deposit and withdraw through local banking, e-Wallets and internet banking.

✔ Always choose withdrawal methods that have no extra charge for cashing out. There's no sense for you to pay to get your own winnings. The best methods like the ones in EMPIRE777 Casino have a minimal fee. Sometimes, it's even free. These are the best ones to use!

✔ Always check if the online casino is secure. The easiest way to know this is if there's a lock icon right next to the URL in your browser. This certifies that the online casino is using SSL encryption technology and has a secure connection.


✔ Choose an online casino in Malaysia like EMPIRE777 that has 24/7 customer service that you can talk to in case you face a hurdle. Luckily, almost all online casinos now have 24/7 chat available for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why can't I withdraw my Winnings?

A: There are a number of reasons that could explain why you can't make a successful withdrawal. But these could explain it:

  • You haven't completed the Wagering Requirements from a Casino Bonus or Promotion you just claimed. Check the Terms and Conditions or contact Customer Service.
  • You've reached the online casino's Withdrawal Limit. The withdrawal limit is different for each casino, so always check to make sure.
  • The online casino is willingly withholding your payouts. Maybe you need to settle a concern, or the casino does not feel like you're the real owner of the account. Contact Customer Service for more information.

Q: How long does it take to Withdraw?

A: It depends on the available payment method. But usually, e-Wallets process requests within 24 hours. With EMPIRE777 Casino, however, it can be processed within just 12 hours!

Q: Is it possible to use the same payment method for both depositing and withdrawing money?

A: It will depend on the online casino you're playing in. But to answer the question, yes it's possible. But not all payment methods offer both these services. Luckily, you can do this with trusted online casino EMPIRE777 Casino. Depending on your currency of choice, the available payment methods also offer both depositing and withdrawal.

Q: Can you Check your Previous Withdrawals?

A: Yes, you can. Only trusted online casinos like EMPIRE777 allow you to access your transaction history. Scam online casinos, on the other hand, want to keep you in the dark about how much money you're losing to them. 

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