E-wallet in Online Casino Malaysia


One of the major challenges before joining a betting world is the transactions. It needs to be tackled in an efficient way. The ease with these financial activities can take place, the better the probability the gamer can join.

Albeit credit and debit cards are quite famous but using e-wallets has its own advantage. The need for a better and safer online payment method has led to the appearance of the E-wallet industry.

It has helped in the booming of playing online gambling in Malaysia. They come with some amazing features.

Advantages of using E-wallet:


The most important aspect of digital transactions is security. People often fall into the hands of online fraud and end up losing the money. Instead of giving up the financial details, users find it much reliable to involve a 3rd party to handle their business in the form of an e-wallet. Keeping this in mind online casinos are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect the information.

Ease of setup

One of the plus points of e-wallet is the ease with which they can be set up. Linking the bank account with the e-wallet is a 1-2 steps process. Funds through e-wallet can be sent to other e-wallet accounts. Some also provide the feature of transferring capital directly into the bank account.


E-wallet business offers a range of lucrative offers. They include; gifting a voucher on transaction above a certain limit, payment into a casino by a certain e-wallet also gives you a discount. For example, some casinos in Malaysia offer bonuses and promotions for Neteller transactions. Also it creates a premium account leads to many exciting facilities.

Instant processing

Choosing others payment methods for transaction might lead to some time lag. E-wallets are always applauded for fast and easy transactions. It only requires sign-in to the casino, enter the amount to be deposited and type your password.


The above-mentioned reasons are motivating a large number of players in casinos of Malaysia to choose e-wallets. Some of the renowned E-wallets Casino Malaysia are:



The world-famous Neteller e-wallet provides a range of inspiring features. It is well known in the field of playing online gambling in Malaysia. It is available in 202 countries of the world, which means you can transfer funds from any corner to every corner of the world.  

It offers credit as well as debit cards which allow you to make your purchases and transfers.  They ask for valid tax documents which make them the most secure. Transaction charges in Asian countries like Malaysia are very low.

Creating a premium account leads to many VIP features like lesser transaction chargers, reduced currency conversion fees, lower account maintenance charges, free withdrawal from account etc.

It also provides MasterCard prepaid debit card and merchant brandable card programs. It generates different virtual card numbers for each transaction instead of having a fixed card number, preventing some forms of fraud. Again, charges for cards are different for different premium levels.

For a guide on how to use Neteller in Online Casino, visit Online Casino Payment – A Guide to Use Neteller




It’s one of the most trusted e-wallets and widely accepted payment methods for playing online gambling in casinos. It is heaven for the players involved in betting.

Money can be deposited by various debit and credit cards with various local friendly options. Players can hold up to three accounts in eight different currencies at a time. It supports contactless cards


Freezing and unfreezing of cards is facilitated and custom spending limits could be set which helps in the security. No matter how many times you need your PIN reminded, it’s always free of cost and available to you in your Ecopayz account at all times.

It is also a free and user-friendly mobile app, provides you access to your ecoAccount on the go. It has the best customer service which is available 24X7, available in various languages.



Among the popular e-wallet, Help2Pay is a big name among south-east Asian countries like Malaysia and Myanmar, operating with more regionalized focus.

When it comes to risk, Help2Pay is always up-to-the call. It not only promises to ensure safety but also repay for the worst. They have added a refund policy to secure your balance.


There are no cash flow lags and is fast, reliable, convenient, and efficient for both users and merchants. E-commerce is very risky without any assistance. It makes sure you aren’t left out and are always there for your guidance.


More and more online casinos are accepting Help2Pay while giving various offers. The main reason for using it in online gambling in countries like Malaysia is that you don’t have to enter much information about yourself.


This robust and flexible platform helps you to use your own preferred backend with minimal changes to your workflow upon the integration of Help2Pay’s API.

It ensures that your funds are never compromised and are repaid by Merchant Risk Guarantee. Accurate payment software is specialized for high-risk industries.


The popularity of online gambling in busting through the roof, with the easiness and convenience of the online banking method, is growing manifold.

Why people in Malaysia prefer online gambling?


Access to hundreds of games

In a land-based casino, people can play up to 20-30 games, and looking for other gamblers is also an uneasy task. For online casino gamblers, they can take part in unlimited games.

Convenience factor

Playing online gambling proves to be beneficial in terms of saving money for food, traveling, and other stuff, which can be used to cover their gambling activities.

Access to bonus and promotions

Many casinos in Malaysia are giving gifts and bonuses to its player to attract them.

Easy funding access

When gamblers run out of money in land-based casinos, they find it difficult to procure them. While playing online casino games, there is always a way to get cash through an e-wallet.

Reward points  

For every wager on a table game or a slot machine allows users to accumulate reward points. These are reflected in one’s account and can be exchanged for games, rewards, or other benefits.

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