September 26, 2021

Play Game Ikan Fish Shooting Games in Online Casino Malaysia

ikan tembak

Fish Shooting Games or Game Ikan are very popular in Malaysia! You can find these Shooting Fish Games in underground gambling shops all over Malaysia. Local Malaysians call the place "kedai judi" or "kedai kuda".

Ocean King: Popular Fish Shooting Arcade in Malaysia

Play Ocean King at 918Kiss/SCR888

One example of a Game Ikan arcade is Ocean King. Ocean King is a game ikan shooting fish game with a shock-powerful laser gun. You play it by shooting fish to gain a point and win credits.

There are a lot of special functions in this game!

For example, you can change your weapon at any time during the game. You can also choose to aim for the target, shoot the golden dragon fish you will definitely get an awesome payout.

Ocean King will allow 6-8 players to play together. This fish game now also available in SCR888 or 918KISS provider in many Online Casino Malaysia.

Fish Shooting Game Ocean King Winning Tips

According to the master who likes to play Ocean King, this fish game is quite easy to win if you know how it's works.

  • First, Prepare your money around RM50/ RM100.
  • Second, Place your bet with RM0.10 for a shot that you will make, lock your bullets on an electric bullet and don't make auto shots first. Steady but not too greedy.
  • Target your bullets to the large fish or dragon, mermaid, crocodile, cran, octopus or big fish only. Those type of fish will have a big possibility to increase your money.
  • If you balance has reached to RM160 or more, then is your time increase your shot value to RM0.20.
  • More advanced, if you found that each shot is exploding, then quickly increase your bet to RM0.50, then if the bet doesn't happen any blast, you have to lower own your bet to the original.

That's the winning tips for Ocean King, if you are the first-timer enter to this fish game, use this tactic most of the time you will win, and you will be more familiar with how to manage the money once you have more experience in it, then you will get a very good turnover from this fish game.

Not only the money but also the happiness when you are fully enjoyed it.

Fish Shooting Games in Online Casino Malaysia

You can even play fish shooting games in Online Casino Malaysia! Like Ocean King, there are also many fish shooting gambling games you can play in many online casinos (not just 918Kiss or SCR888)!

Why play Fish Shooting Game Online?

Play Kedai Judi in Malaysia

Instead of playing Ocean King or others like this kind of fish shooting game in 'Kedai Judi' (underground gambling shop), you can choose to play the fish shooting game in Trusted Online Casino Malaysia.

Almost all forms of land based-gambling are illegal in Malaysia, with the very few exceptions being licensed 4D lotto, horse racing betting, and gambling at Resort World Genting.

Many illegal gambling shops have been closed down by polices and the people who involved been arrested as well.


Ikan game in Malaysia

So, it's actually taking a risk and not safe to play in the underground gambling shop.

Now, many owners of illegal gambling outlets (Kedai Judi) also choose to open an online casino to keep their customers, and the privacy of the customer is been protected.

Fish Shooting Games You Can Play and Win Real Money

1. Sea Raider

Fish Catch fish shooting slot game

Fish shooting game not only famous in Malaysia, the gamblers in China, Vietnam, Thailand also like this skill game, because it's easy and fun. Genesis Gaming also develops the game ikan type online casino game called Sea Raider which you can find in many online casinos.

Sea Raider has an innovative journey concept and special bonus features that keep players captivated with continuous excitement. With this fish game, you will deep into the ocean with flashy guns, exciting hit effects, and bigger rewards!

2. Fish Catch

Fish Catch is another fish shooting arcade-style game that you can play in Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777 Casino! Shoot the fish and if successful, each fish will give the player winnings. Sometimes you can find other types of sea creatures swimming around, like a mermaid or the bigger fish. These will be harder to beat but will give an even bigger payout! So don't worry about shooting the mermaid!

The top cash prize is 1, 000x the players' stake. Luckily, Malaysian online casino players can play this fish game on both desktop and mobile phones at Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777. Like Ocean King, it's one of the classic shooting games that always gives players the best gambling experience and guaranteed big winnings!

3. Ocean Blaster 2

Ocean Blaster online fish shooting slot game

Like Fish Catch, Ocean Blaster 2 is also the same type of shooting slot game. Players must load their guns with bullets depending on how much they are willing to stake on each bullet.

Asides from your own gun, there are two other guns that automatically fire at the small fish. This means you are free to target the bigger fish while you are still guaranteed winnings because of the 2 other guns assisting you on autopilot.

4. Tiger Attack
Tiger Attack shooting slot game

Tiger Attack is incredibly similar to Ocean Blaster save for the fact that there are tigers in the sea. Yes, tigers! They are quite hard to kill but they give the highest winnings if shot. So if you really want to beat the tigers roaming around the sea, you have to really stack up on strong bullets. Bet as high as you can so that your bullet stakes can pack quite the punch.

Where to Play Fish Shooting Games in Online Casino Malaysia?
empire777 games

Malaysian and other Asian punters can play game ikan or fish shooting games at Trusted Online Casino Malaysia EMPIRE777!

EMPIRE777 Casino Fish Shooting Games are at the Slots Page, under the Beer Game Room (Other Games).

There, you will see Fish Catch, Sea Raider, and other shooting online casino games that you will enjoy and win big prizes with!

And even better, you can play for free using EMPIRE777 RM30 Free Credit Casino Malaysia!

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