November 27, 2022

Slot Game Malaysia: Highway Kings vs Kings of Highway

Highway Kings is an online slot game by 918Kiss/SCR888

If you're a fan of online casino slot game Malaysia and the truck-driving culture that has been romanticized in so many American films, then Highway King slot is the perfect online casino game for you. Developed by one of the leading game software developers, Playtech managed to make Highway Kings appealing to all kinds of casino players.


Highway Kings Slot from 918Kiss/SCR888

Highway Kings, developed by Playtech and provided by the infamous 918Kiss or previously known as SCR888, is an online casino slot game Malaysia. It's a video slot type of game with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay lines. Malaysian players can enjoy the same thrilling feeling of racing along the highway with this slot game Malaysia. The different truck parts, engines, and machinery attract players with their highway-trucking theme. Clicking the spin button introduces players to the many winning combinations and surprise bonuses they can win from this slot game Malaysia!


How to Play

Play Highway Kings slot game win big!

Experience the exciting ride of the Highway King slot for big chances of high winnings! Here's how to play the Highway King slot to win the highest possible payout.


Set your Bets

Choose and place your bet in any pay lines by using the plus (+) and minus (-) signs. You can bet for as low as 0.01 MYR per pay line and as high as 39 MYR. Click the spin button to spin the reels.


Let it Autospin!

Autoplay mode can be set up to 99 spins. If you want to simply sit back and relax and let the game do your spinning for you, set your autoplay up to how many spins or bets per line you're willing to spend.


Get Winning Combinations

Wait for the reels to stop spinning to see if you won any pay lines or what winning combinations you got.


Know the Paytables

Highway Kings paytable

All your winnings will be calculated in total and will depend on the paytables. You can see the paytable under the info button.


Watch out for Features & Bonuses

Keep in mind the important symbols and the other features that the Highway King slot offers. Remember that there's a steering wheel, a wheel, a piston, a pair of dice, a spark plug, a petrol pump, a petrol container, and three trucks – green, yellow, and red. There are wild cards, scatter cards, and progressive jackpots.


Tips to Play Highway Kings

Highway Kings 9 paylines

  • It's handy to always check which winning combinations will get you a winning amount.
  • Since your total winnings depend on how many pay lines you bet, it's best to bet on as many pay lines as possible, to get as many winning combinations as possible.
  • Don't worry, autoplay or spins don't really affect the generation of your symbols or your luck with winning combinations. If manually hitting spin is too tedious, you can always choose autoplay.
  • Watch out for features and bonuses such as the wild sign which is the truck with different colors (Red, Green & Blue), and the truck driver. These symbols are wild cards. They substitute other icons so players can win the big winning combinations).
  • The exhaust pipe, on the other hand, is your scatter symbol. It will allow for a payout as long as two symbols are in view.
  • Highway Kings also has bonus features, such as the Progressive Jackpot. This will only be effective if you enable it though, so remember to click the enable button on the top right-hand corner. You will have to give out a little extra money to take part in this progressive lottery.


What About Kings of Highway?

 Kings of Highway play at EMPIRE777

Kings of Highway, on the other hand, is a similar online casino slot game from Gameplay Interactive. It has the same theme as the Highway King slot: trucks, highways, and road adventures.


The Similarities

Kings of Highway paytable

Also, a video slot game, Kings of Highway has arguably the same high quality you would expect from Gameplay. Kings of Highway also has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay lines. In this game, you are the driver sitting behind the wheel while the slots are in the window, completely

The game also uses the same symbols of truck parts like tires, steering wheels, and fuel. There are even truck symbols and drivers similar to the Highway King slot, but they rarely appear in the slots. These two symbols can trigger large winnings of up to 5, 000 coins (trucks) and 10, 000 coins (5 drivers).

The mechanics of the game are similar to Highway Kings. You set the bet per line amount that you want. It can go as low as 0.05 MYR and as high as 9.00 MYR.

Kings of Highway also has autoplay or auto spins. Like every slot game Malaysia, also has a wild symbol and scatters symbol. The flaming red truck is the wild symbol, while the gas station symbol is for scatter.

The Differences

Kings of Highway good graphics

Though it has no progressive jackpot, Kings of Highway makes up for it with its appealing graphics and top-notch animation! While Highway Kings is more static, Kings of Highway allows for a more lively design. It also has smooth gameplay and high chances of winning. If two or more of the same symbol appear on the reel, Malaysian players get awarded with amazing prices. The maximum reward even goes up to as high as 100x the value of the player's total bet.

Even the most seasoned players will be impressed with what the game has to offer. The rewards at stake can increase very quickly, so if you're a fan of fast-paced betting, then this is the slot game Malaysia for you. 9 pay lines is also the right amount of pay lines. It may seem less than what usual slot games offer, but it's the perfect number if you want to keep your bets at a perfectly manageable amount.


Play at EMPIRE777 Casino

Empire777 Casino play in Malaysia

The biggest upside to playing Kings of Highway is that you can play it at EMPIRE777 Casino, an online casino that Malaysians have also come to highly enjoy. Unlike 918Kiss/SCR888, you no longer need to download any APK software just to play a couple of slot games. Just go to their homepage, SIGN UP (if you haven't yet), and go to the slots page! It's easy to find Kings of Highway. EMPIRE777's slot game Malaysia are categorized by a game software developer. Under Wine is Gameplay Interactive, the game developer of Kings of Highway. There, you will easily find the slot game Kings of Highway. Enjoy EMPIRE777's many games and even bonuses! Play Kings of Highway at EMPIRE777 Casino now!

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