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Today, there are traditional land-based casinos and there are online casinos. Then, there's also Live Casinos.

Examples of traditional land-based casinos include the many grand casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and even the Bahamas. This is a place where people come to gamble and play, like how James Bond played in his famous movie Casino Royale. There are tables, roulettes and lots of money chips.

Online casinos, on the other hand, have brought casinos into the internet. There are now online platforms providing online casino games that pay real money. This is gambling no longer confined to just the physical. Now, players can win thousands or millions all with a push of a button!

Then, there are Live Casinos. Although they're technically under the scope of online casinos, they are sort of a hybrid of both the traditional and the more improved online.

In this article, we'll learn to answer the question of 'what is a live casino?', and why should you play in one!

The Wonders of Online Live Casino Malaysia

1. What is Online Live Casino Malaysia?

Basically, live casinos are online casino games that are 'live streamed', caught on camera. They are games that are held in real life but can be played online. These live casino games are streamed on camera with a live dealer that facilitates the whole game. The players, on the other hand, are safe in the comforts of their own homes. They can play through the online casino that's holding the live casino games.

2. Live Casinos Have the Best of Both Worlds

Online Live Casino Malaysia has the best features of both traditional land-based casinos and online casinos. On the one hand, the human touch of gambling is not lost since the dealer is human, and the game is held live in real-time.

Your chances of winning are decided by a human hand as well, and not an algorithm like a Random Number Generator (RNG).

On the other hand, live casinos are online. This means that players don't have to dress up and fly or drive to land-based casinos. They can play within the comforts of their own home, using only handy portable gadgets. That's why some top online casinos like EMPIRE777 are suitable for those who are interested in playing Online live casino Malaysia. EMPIRE777 has the top live casino providers in all of Asia: Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming, GamePlay Interactive and more.

EMPIRE777 Live Casino Games

EMPIRE777's providers are separated by game room.


Not only that, EMPIRE777 has good casino bonuses that can be used to the player's advantage when they're playing live casino games.

3. The Perks of Playing in Online Live Casino Malaysia


Better Payback Percentage?

They say that live casino games offer a better payback percentage compared to online casino games like slot games. However, statistics say that they have more or less the same value as when playing in traditional land-based casinos. Still, if you don't have the means or chance of traveling to a land-based casino, then playing in a live casino is better than none.


Easier to Play

Live Casinos, like online casinos, are easy to play. All players have to do is find a good online casino with a great selection of live casino games, providers, and game rooms. Take, for example, EMPIRE777. Next, they must sign up as a member, and deposit a certain amount of money so they can bet to their heart's content.

All they have to do is go to the live casino game rooms and pick which one they want to play in. It's that easy! Compare that to having to physically dress up and go to the actual land-based casino. Players will also have to deal with chips, which they don't have to deal with when they play online. They just swipe or press a certain button that automatically sets their bets. Everything is easier when it's online.


The Humanity of the Traditional with Online Efficiency

Physical and social interaction is one of the perks of playing in traditional land-based casinos. However, when you go online, there are no chatrooms where you can talk with other players since most of the games are one on one (you vs the game itself).

This isn't necessarily true for live casinos. In live casinos, you can interact with the rest of the players in your table. So you can be sitting in Malaysia while talking to someone all the way in Vietnam.

It's also different when you see a live dealer physically handing you cards, compared to a virtual card that's thrown into the gaming table without much human affection.

Good thing there are good and reliable online casinos that have it all: attractive bonus deals, good live casino providers and games, and even flexible payment methods. These are all factors you should consider when you play Live Casino.


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