What is Live Dealer in Online Casino?

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One of the reasons why more and more players are now being pasted into online casinos is because of the live dealers. Before, when online casinos were first launched, it is all data and programs. This made the scene a little boring and people misses something that they have in the real casinos. This is why after some time, live dealers comes to scene.

For those who doesn’t know what Live Dealers are, these are real people that serves as a merchant on online gambling sites. Like the real thing, they deal and you can interact with them, real time. This became possible because of the fast internet we have these days.

Although a lot of online players are happy with the live dealers, some players does not feel the same way. They are somehow irritated because of how slow the live dealers deal the cards, or taking breaks talking with others. Because live dealers are real people, some players encounter an unfair dealing or sometimes cheating from the dealer itself. Well, they are real human dealers, that’s the downfall of having them deal with the game. That’s how it is on the real casino, you’ll get the real deal by having the real deal. If a player doesn’t want any interruptions, they should just stick with the classic online games without any dealers. Some online casino still offer those.

Because there are complains like these from online players, some casinos who offered these put up a rules to monitor their live dealers every game. It must be strictly monitored that their breaks should not be within the game time, they should be dealing on a normal phase, not slow, not fast, but just right. The monitors must make sure that the dealer is not cheating, so that the game will end rightfully.

Live dealer casinos are a great alternative for online casino players searching for a little more traditional experience and feeling. But because they are again, a real human, you must be ready for things that they cannot do or give as with programmed dealers. Like with the real casino, live dealers also accepts tips. This would be a great way to boost your dealer’s way of dealing with the game.

Be sure to decide first if you like to have a live dealer or you want the classic online casino set up. It is better that you are comfortable enough before starting a game.

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Last modified on Friday, 19 July 2019 20:48