September 26, 2021

What is Live Dealer in Online Casino?

live dealer online casino

Live dealer is not that new as it seems, but due to evolution and 'blessed' by pandemic, it is blooming like nothing before.

The growth of the internet in the mid-90s century has made the government quite unaware of the sources which have resulted in the new way of catching up that is playing online or to better say Gambling, where few territories were familiar and known by all and few were quite unfamiliar.

When things began to change in around 1994 with a law passed of 'Free trading and processing Act of ANTIGUA and BARBUDA', this gave wings to the traders and marketers who were waiting along for it and could apply without any hassle. This was the first time gambling establishments could apply a license to operate online casinos legally. This literally made new ways to attract potential customers from even a distant place as if it was waiting to pop out like a GENIE! But still, there was plenty of regulation to be done and technical obstacles to overcome due to the unavailability of technical advancement.

The legislation was updated and regulatory bodies established, and hence paved a new way for a multi-billion dollar that has nothing to stop to blooming and flourishing.

There are few questions which are still either unanswered or not so clear, Let's Get into the world of Live Casino Malaysia!

What is Live Casino?

A live casino is a virtual representation of casinos that are already present in the world somewhere, and the fun part is they try to make it possible like a real experience to the customers so that the zeal and enthusiasm sustains. It may not be possible to give each little experience virtually but they almost try to make it super fantastic for customers.

The world of live dealer gaming is more exciting as more it sounds.


What are live dealer tables?

A live dealer table is a virtually connected table that functions similar to the real one and you can bet and play very easily in live dealer tables, live dealer games are some of the most fun types of casino games available. This effectively recreates the casino experience and allows you to join in the playground battle. You can jump into a game like real quick, and even you can interact with other players from around the world; all of this is taken care of and supervised by a live dealer.

You can see the dealer in action, things happening and you can actually watch your cards being drawn – it’s one of the best online gambling experiences

There are many ways to play live dealer games online. Usually, online banking, local bank transfer, or e-wallet is the most popular payment method in Asia. If you are going to use Credit cards like Visa or Master card, you may choose the E-wallet payment method as a selection.


Some Famous live Gaming Are:

vivo gaming
Pragmatic Play
asia gaming
Evolution Gaming
Gold Deluxe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an easy way to compare the casinos so one could see how they differ?

Many sites have already created a comparison tool of live casinos with different parameters and can be accessed easily. Use it to compare two different live dealer sites based on a handful of parameters like game variety, special licensing, betting limits, payment methods, and speed of transactions. (Be clear transactions must be secured)


What is the difference between various live casino sites?

There are almost 1,000 online casinos available right now, and plenty more launched every month, and hence many live casinos are pretty similar to each other

What generally differ are mostly the designs, the languages offered and the level of service from them.

There are some casino sites that have decided to distinguish their functionalities from the crowd and they have something unique to offer.

Do the casinos offer signup bonuses for live dealer games?

Yes. We do have some useful pages on the subject of live casino bonuses and also promotions. They are already listed down by some websites you can track down easily. EMPIRE777 have a lot of bonuses, to know more, visit Online Casino for Beginners: Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Some casinos will also offer risk-free bets (not totally, first go through the terms and conditions thoroughly) for new players in particular locations.

If you are just trying live dealer, we do recommend you to start from there, but since they usually carry a very high wagering requirement, it’s pretty much easier to just make a deposit and start playing if you want to withdraw your winnings quickly and with unavoided restrictions.

Are live dealer games for real money only?

Yes. The Cost involved is high with it, so due to this none of the running live casino games providers offer live dealer games for free.

Your best bet is to find a no deposit bonus, but even these are quite infrequent and when you get one, the winnings are usually limited to a small amount which usually doesn’t have a big amount.

Is there any live sexy dealer in casinos?

ezugi provider

Ezugi is one of the leading Live Casino providers and yes, some casinos do have live sexy dealer, which makes you play live ROULETTE, BLACKJACK, and POKER. They offer high-quality streams of a wide range of casino games, coupled with lovely but experienced Live Dealers. You may also check on Best Live Casino Providers in Malaysia – Games, Sexy Dealers.

Are there any SEXY DEALERS with the costume?

sexy dealers w costume

YES, they do. There are many sexy dealers in casinos in different costumes and the best part is you can choose whichever dealer to play with. Just keep your pockets warm!

Can we see dealers in SEXY BIKINI COSTUME?

sexy bikini

YES, we can. We can see sexy dealers in BIKINI and DIFFERENT mesmerizing costumes while having a roll-on ROULETTE or, Black Jack! Sexy Gaming provides charming and seductive live dealer in hot bikinis. They’re focusing on the Asian Market, so expect a lot of Asian game dealers.

Can we see it for free?

Sorry but there are few handful online casinos that do provide this, even if they do, they charge a subsequently large amount of money for visit and too many terms and conditions, so it's better to keep some money in hand and start with the game according to your requirement.

How to win in Live Casino?

live casino

You need to look for the best, trusted and secured online casino that works with renowned live casino providers like Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, NetEnt, and many more. Avoid live casino without license.

In order to win in a live casino, you must choose the best RTP live casino games. When playing the live casino, you have to pay close attention to the payback RTP. Keep in mind that all betting sites have the advantage of percentage. Next is to make the most of bonuses and promotions, you must never waste free money that can be obtained with the bonuses of a live online casino. Learn the rules of the live casino games well and plan your budget consciously.

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