Here's How to Join and Win at Online Casino Tournaments

online casino tournaments

Online Casino Tournaments are one of the most anticipated gambling competitions in the casino industry. They're fun and exciting, pushing gamblers both new and old to be competitive. Online Casino Tournaments are also open to players thanks to its easy game mechanics and for their use of slot machines!

Slot machines are one of the most beloved and accessible casino games. Punters have fun spinning slots and winning big payouts, which is exactly why online casino tournaments choose slot machines as the game in the competition.

What are Online Casino Tournaments?

That's why Online Casino Tournaments are also referred to as Slot Tournaments. Both the terms are interchangeable, with some online casinos preferring one over the other.

Still, they mean the same thing. They are basically an online casino tournament where gamblers get to play against one another.

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How to Join Online Casino Tournaments?

online casino tournaments in empire777 casino

Joining is easy. Let’s take the example of the top online casino EMPIRE777. They have an upcoming $40,000 Hot Chilli Quick Tournament, which you can join by:

1. Choosing the Tournament You Would Like to Join

2. Placing Bets on one or more of the available games for that tournament

Tournaments have more than one game since many often join to compete.

3. Getting the highest score and winning the tournament's Prize!

How to Play at Online Casino Tournaments?

The goal of the tournament is to get the highest score among all your competitors. If you get the highest score, you win the tournament!

Highest score doing what? Basically, the competition lies in how fast the players can hit the 'spin' button of a slot game.

Here's how it goes: 

1. Online Casinos holding the tournament will ask the players who want to join for an entry fee.

2. Players are given a set number of chips or credit so everyone is on equal footing.

3. The player who hits the spin button and uses up their credit fastest wins the tournament. The more spins, the higher the score.

You would think that it's very straightforward, and it is. But there are also restrictions designed to make the competition more difficult, namely:

- There's a time limitation

Online Casino Tournaments are only held for a specific period of time. That's why you can see countdowns in the pages of the online casino hosting the tournament.

- "Autoplay" and "Turbo" Slot Features are Disabled

These features can help players win faster, that's why online casinos disabled it.

Winners will get a reward in return for winning the online casino tournament!

Why do Players Join Online Casino Tournament?

For most the fun lies not in the prize, but in the competition itself. Online Casino Tournaments are a breath of fresh air for online casino players who often play alone. It's refreshing for them to beat other players, an exciting feeling they don't often get if they often play versus the RNG.

And since it's easy and straightforward to play, many join these online casino tournaments.

How to Win Online Casino Tournaments?

Here are our 6 Tips to Winning a Slot Tournament:

1. Play and Think Fast!

It's most important to play as fast as you can. Most slot tournaments give really tight time limitations and high amounts of credits (think RM1, 000). To burn through those high amounts of credits within a tight time limit, you should act fast. Try to calculate how much you should clear according to the time you have.

2. Always Bet Max

Games with high stakes give the best payout, so always bet the maximum amount! 

3. Don't Get Distracted from Your Standing

You might get too distracted by how much you have already won. Don't! Playing fast is still the grand rule.

4. Get Past Bonus Wheels as Fast as Possible

Slot games in online casino tournaments still have bonus rounds with free spins. These can cause time delays if you don't find a way to breeze past them. So be alert!

5. Check the Time

Always start as soon as possible. Don't delay and think that you can still make it since "hitting the spin button is easy". It's easy, yes. But everything takes time, and so does hitting the spin button.

6. Continue the Game

Some types of online casino tournaments give players the chance to continue the game even when it's already done. Keep in mind that this will cause you real money even if it's still a "free tournament". 

If you want to win the game, players must know that it might cost them. But only do this if you are entirely sure that the prize is worth it.

EMPIRE777 Casino's $40,000 Hot Chilli Quick Tournament

hot chilli quick tournament

In the case of EMPIRE777 Casino's new online casino tournament, the prize will be definitely worth it.

On August 15th to 31st, game software developers Pragmatic Play will host the Hot Chili Quick Tournament. Players will have the chance to win a total of $40, 000 or around RM168, 200! 

There will be 8 exciting games in all, including their brand new game Hot Chilli.

For this particular online casino tournament, players who get the highest sing spin win! The amount is adjusted according to their bet amount.

Join the Hot Chili Quick Tournament at EMPIRE777 Casino now!

Check out other Online Casino Tournaments at EMPIRE777 Casino!

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