September 26, 2021

Activities to add in the Genting Highlands bucket list

Genting Highlands

If you are in Kuala Lumpur to start up your new Chinese year with fun and thrill, do plan to visit Genting Highland, which is only 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, no matter what. This Malaysia's nippy hill station is famous for a quick holiday getaway as it houses tons of exciting round-the-clock entertainment sources. Located 1800 meters above sea level, it welcomes its visitors with the crisp mountain air, but what makes Genting Highland most popular are its world-class casinos and indoor and outdoor theme parks. World's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system also exists in Genting Highland that takes the visitors through the picturesque mountain views and the glorious temples. Although its center is uberly commercialized, you can also opt for trekking or hiking to nearby mountains and waterfalls. The fun does not end here. Activities like indoor rock climbing, flying fox, and abseiling will surely make you experience that 'adrenaline rush.' It is safe to say that Genting Highland is the most happening place for both urbanites and nature lovers alike.

Below are a few Genting Highland activities that we have picked, you must add to your Malaysia itinerary so that you make the most of your timeout.

1. Visit Sungai Sendat for a natural retreat:

Sungai Sendat

Located in Ulu Yam Baru, Sungai Sendat houses a captivating waterfall. You can easily reach Sungai Sendat from Genting Highlands, where you will discover a huge cataract gushing over three tiers. Most of the visitors love to hike at this spot or camp near the waterfall. As this area is a forest reserve spot, there are many picnic spots and scenic gazebos to stay close to the wonders of nature.

2. Outdoor Theme Park:

Genting outdoor theme park

If you are traveling to Genting Highland with your kids, your vacation will be incomplete without an enthralling visit to the outdoor theme park. It is the place which your kids will love the most as there are water slides and thrill rides of all kinds, ranging from mild to extreme. With its fun rides, this theme park will surely get your and your kids' blood pumping. If your kids have guts and look forward to an adrenaline rush, the Flying Coaster and the Space Shot are those rides that one should not miss. Adults can also enjoy a thrilling roller coaster ride.

3. Video Games Park and Indoor Theme Park:

Genting indoor theme park

Enough has been said about the outdoor theme park. Trust us, Indoor Theme Park at Genting Highland is also no less. When you get there, do try out Ripley's believe it or not, climbing wall, a fierce wind-turbine tunnel dedicated to a simulated skydiving adventure, Museum, and the Snow world. There is no other attraction in Malaysia like the Snow World- the ultimate winter wonderland. It will be a chilling and refreshing escape from the humid weather of Malaysia. Your kids will enjoy making snowmen or having a snowball fight. And yes, don't forget to try the Cresta Run snow slide.

4. The Arena of Stars:

Arena of stars Genting

No doubt, the Arena of Stars is the most captivating and the best attraction located in the Genting Highlands. For those who do not know, Arena of Stars is a huge musical amphitheater equipped with a dazzling light system and a space to house around 6,000 people all at once. The biggest and renowned international stars regularly play here, so it would be ideal to have a time of life, once in the Arena of Stars.

5. Casino de Genting:

Casino de Genting

How come one visits Malaysia and does not roll dice in world-class, vegas-like, luxe gambling spots? Let us tell you about the Genting Casino. Well, those who have been to Las Vegas, may find this casino a litter lesser exciting, but if you are a game, this most popular evening activity venue will not disappoint you. When you visit Genting Casino, you can expect 426 game tables, 3140 slots, glittering neon lights, scantily-clad showgirls, and sparkling dresses abound. It is the only legal land-based casino in the whole of Malaysia and a sort of a powerhouse. There are several themed sections, including the exclusive VIP and international rooms for gamblers along with the worldless dining services. However, be aware that there is a dress code for Genting Casino. The general rule is smart casual for women. For men, batik-printed or plain attire, smart trainers, and smart jeans with covered shoes are acceptable. Cameras, gadgets, backpacks, caps, and other hats are not allowed.

If you doesn't want to go out due to pandemic, but still crave on gambling, why not you try online gambling in Malaysia?

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6. Sky Casino Genting:

Sky casino Genting

Let us recommend you another enthralling gambling Malaysia spot in Genting Highland; Sky Casino Genting. As compared to the Genting Casino, Sky Casino Genting equips the larger space as it spans over two floors housing massive wall-mounted LED screens, eight dining venues, slot machines, and a variety of gaming tables. Located in the SkyAvenue Shopping Mall, it operates 24x7. Another feature that makes this casino stand out amongst other Genting Highland attractions is its forest-themed indoor. Wooden fixtures, earth-toned furnishings, high-rise, and one-of-a-kind ceiling accentuated with the digitalized image of the sky leave its visitors in awe. Genting ATMs, self-service kiosks, and bank teller machines are easy to locate. Treasury counters have also been placed for added convenience. As far as the food goes, you can enjoy a divine mix of both local and international dishes including steak, fish, and chips, prawn noodles, char kwayteow, and roasted duck rice.

7. Flying Fox:

Genting flying fox

Do you have a sportsman spirit? Do you fancy strapping yourself into a harness and helmet and launching yourself off a ramp to explore the dipterocarp forest? Flying Fox is your chance. Yes, we are talking about the exclusive airborne adventure that features a 100-meter-long wire strung down the side of the hill. Take your friends and family with you, enjoy a quick and perfect thrill-ride with a minimum level of instructions.

8. Dine-in at Penang Food Village:

Genting Penang food village

Penang is the hub for delicious foods in Malaysia. However, you don't have to be in Penang to try out the Penang delicacies as you can have the first-hand, exclusive experience of Penang cuisine in Genting highlands as well.

Penang Food Village is an excellent choice to dine out and treat your taste buds with scrumptious food. The ambiance is great too, not to forget the prices that are affordable as compared to other eateries that happen to be upscale with prices.

If you are on a hunt for signature Penang dishes, then do order Lor Mee, a distinctive noodle dish in black gravy or fried Kway Teow, flat noodles mixed with seafood and eggs.

9. Dance out at Cloud 9:

Cloud 9 Genting

Not only that Genting Highland is known for the gambling spots, but its nightlife is also epic as it is more happening in this part of Malaysia than anywhere else. Club-9, famously known for its neon pillars, is most popular. Dance on hip hop or R&B or live music and have the best time of your life.

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