Easy Guide to Resort World Genting Highland Casino Games Malaysia

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This article is more of a combination of trivia and facts. Our topic is the Resort World Genting Malaysia or Genting Highland Casino for short. Why it’s an important topic for a gambling site? Because this is the one and only legal casino in the whole country of Malaysia.

The reason why there is such a thing, because Malaysia as a Muslim country, and it is prohibited on their religious principle to support this kind of thing. But because a country needs tourists to be known, and a country needs to grow economically, it’s been decided to allow a gambling site to take place. Though the only rule that applies is to have only one.

Genting Highland Casino opened to the public in the year 1971, this is launched together with the Resort World Genting. Though a lot says that they built the resort only to support the reason for having a casino placed in the country. Killing the possible gossip it will cause, they highlighted the opening of the resort, rather than the opening of the casino. Though, as expected, more people went there to gamble.


Gambling Stations

Like any other casino, it offers different tables. Genting Highland Casino games has 30 tables composed of Blackjack, Tai Sai, Roulette, and French Boule. They also offer different types of slot machines together with the famous “one-armed-bandits”.

Because this is the only legal casino in town, it offers different Genting Highland casino games so that it will serve its purpose. They have the classic Genting Highland casino games like Roulette, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Blackjack and many more.

It's handy to know Handy Tips to Win Playing Slot or Baccarat so you can be sure to dominate the casino floor when you're playing.



The casino is open every day, 24/7 – even on holidays. They cannot be closed during the holidays because that’s the time when tourists come to visit.



To be able to get attention other than being the only casino available in town, Genting Casino thought of having themed sections.

Because Resort World Genting is the only casino in Malaysia, it’s tagged as one of the finest casinos in the world. Of course, it is the only gambling area there, it has to upscale its reputation.


Themed Areas


There is a Hollywood theme where it feels like you’re a star playing. Lights and glitters shine and twinkle all over the walls and ceilings. They call this the Monte Carlo.


Latte Lounge

Another popular theme section in the casino is the Latte Lounges. This section includes a hip and trendy feel for the young ones and for those who are young at heart. It also has an exclusive International and VIP Room. This is usually the place for high stakes or the high bettors. Exclusive Genting Highland casino games are held here for selected Genting Rewards Card members and VIP invited guests.



Besides these luxurious, hi, and fancy-themed areas, there is this area that they call the SkyCasino, why? Because it is located at the SkyAvenue shopping mall; it operates 24 hours a day with a beautiful forest theme filled with earth like colors of furniture and wood accessories. Other than this forest feel, it is famous because of its digitalized, moving image of skies and trees on its ceiling.

SkyCasino also is very customer friendly. It is full of necessity assistance. Plenty of ATMs to choose from, lots of casino personnel to ask for help and assistance, treasury counters for transactions. There is also dining areas inside, including coffee, café and snack bars.


20th Century Fox World

Not only that Genting Highland Casino games have great themed areas, they also have an upcoming themed park. Inspired by the 20th Century Fox World. After the construction, this would be the very first and only functioning 20th Century themed park.

Like any other casinos, Resorts World Genting top up the classy prominent view of gamblers. They set a very strict rules and regulations. From security, guest admissions, dress codes and even taking pictures inside the vicinity.



Only ages 21 years old and up is allowed inside the casino. It doesn’t matter if the young ones has an older companion. They have to present IDs if their physical appearance is somehow younger than what they say their age is.

If you are a Malaysian citizen with Islam religion, you are not allowed to enter, otherwise, you’re very welcome to enter and play.


Dress Code for the General Gaming area

As much as possible, wearing formal dress for both men and women are necessary, if not, even a casual formal dress will do.

T-shirts with advertisements and offensive, or political slogans are not allowed. If just in case, you have to put a scarf over it to not be seen by other guests.

Accessories like hats, and sunglasses are not allowed. Casual slippers, sandals, short pants and sportswear are prohibited. It stains the high-end reputation of the place.


Dress Code for the International Room and VIP Gaming Areas

T-shirt (with collar) or polo needs to be tucked in. Only leather and sports shoes are allowed at VIP gaming areas. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to enter.



Firearms are strictly not allowed, except for security personnel – with a license to carry of course. This is an exception if the guest is a highly important person like a president of another country or the likes.

Persons in possession of firearm, even if it’s a bodyguards are required to deposit their guns on the Casino Security office before entering the casino.


Taking pictures for souvenir or other reasons

Like the firearms, no one is allowed to take pictures inside the casino. It must be deposited on the casino security. Phones with camera are also not allowed to be used through taking pictures. It will be allowed inside, but if you use it for taking pictures, it will be taken away to be deposited on the casino security.



Having a big bag or luggage is not allowed. Having knives or other sharp items is not allowed. If ever it is a necessity like nail kits or accessories, it should be deposited on the casino security.


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