February 26, 2021

Best Casino Games in Genting Highland Casino Malaysia

Malaysia aka "Gambling City of Asia", is one of the world's most advanced nations. Gambling in Malaysia is legal, unlike many other major countries. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to a successful and vast gambling industry, raking in a lot of profit. Also, here, gambling is not just linked to casino games, but also extends to Sports betting, horse betting, and many other varieties of betting games. 

All About the Biggest Land-based Genting Highland Casino in Malaysia

People who are fond of gambling and are well-versed with the techniques have a knack for the Genting Highlands casino of Malaysia. It is one of the most famous land casinos in the whole world. It is Malaysia's only land-based casino that welcomes thousands of gamblers every day.


The inhabitants and those who visit Malaysia for holidays always try their luck at Casino de Genting. It is a massive casino at Genting, Malaysia, where one can find 3,140 slots, 426 table games, and several gaming machines, all under one roof. It is just the perfect place for those who are enthusiastic about gambling and is worth a visit just for the variety of games they offer.


Casino De Genting offers visitors a plethora of casino games to keep them entertained. One can play casino games, including electronic table games, slots machines, and others.

The Most Popular games here are:

The casino offers Tai Sai, Boule, Baccarat, Three Pictures, Mini Dice, Three Card Poker, Zodiac Wheel, Genting Stud Poker, Pontoon, Progressive Texas Hold 'em Poker, Russian roulette, and the classic Blackjack to cater to the demands of gamblers. The casino's 204,514 square feet is spacious enough to guarantee customers the best gambling experience.


The variety of games offered makes it the best casino in Malaysia. However, this famed casino adheres to all the rules and regulations. The casino only accepts people over 21 years of age to enter and enforces a smart and casual dress code. One cannot walk in with gym boxers and a vest. A relaxed yet strict dress code is followed. Bringing backpacks, cameras, or electronic gadgets is also prohibited.


However, as time and technology progress at the speed of light, gambling in online casinos is gaining momentum. The handy mobile gambling versions are a handy escape from stressful lives. Gambling versions like 22lvking, which run on mobiles, have acquired high viewership and participation from people.

The Best Casino Games at Genting Highland Casino in Malaysia

Some of the most popular and entertaining games that one can play at Casino de Genting are:

1.   Baccarat

Baccarat game in Genting Casino

It is an entertaining and flexible game for those who want to place a bet on the player or banker. The one who scores the highest point or scored point closest to number 9, has the winning hand in this game. The twist is that the King, Queen, Jack, and 10s are equivalent to 0. A score that is equal to 10 is also no good. The surprising fact about it is that almost all the bets get a 50% rate of the wagered amount.

2.   Blackjack

Blackjack genting highland

It is the most commonplace yet the most popular game for the gamblers. The one who draws cards that amount to 21 or close to it,  accomplishes the goal. Being one of the oldest gambling games in existence, Blackjack provides the best odds of winning with the most relaxed rules.

3. Pontoon

Pontoon in genting casino

Many people have played or heard the name of a popular banking game called Twenty-One. Pontoon is the British version of that game, and it typically follows the same rules as Blackjack. The only difference lies is that the dealer is bound to stand on a total of 17.

4. Mini Dice

Mini dice in Genting casino

This game is all about the dice dancing around in the cage. The moment the dice roll comes to a halt, the dice's number decides the winning combination for the player. Players wager House chips to place bets against the house. The die, even the slanted ones, determine the fate of the gamblers.


Not just a variety of games, the Genting Highland Casino caters to its audience with exquisite dining and diverse meals. One can taste around 400 premium champagnes, cigars, wines, gourmet food that are available with a 24-hour butler service. It also gives a platform to those willing to belt out some soothing tunes at the exclusive "Be A Star Karaoke."

The Pros and Cons of Land-based Casinos

Gamblers today indeed have far more options than ever before. Gambling has become a leisure activity to pass the time. Many gamblers have switched to digital versions, while others are still hooked to land-based casinos. In one way or the other, they have helped in keeping casinos alive. However, every coin has two sides; land based casinos have both pros as well as cons.

Pros of Land-Based Casinos

  • Casinos are not just about slipping down a few bucks in your pockets. Another significant aspect of casinos is that it has become more like a ritual for traditional gamblers. After all this time, the casino's unique atmosphere has become a fun way to catch up with friends. No online gambling site can offer the feel of a nicely lit casino, and the fun time that makes losing a few bucks worth it.
  • Paying is straightforward and hand-to-hand. No disruption by external factors like the internet issues, system failures, etc. It is secure, quick, and no risks are involved.

Cons of Land-based Casinos

  • A land-based casino cannot incorporate the wide variety of games that an online gambling platform can. Online casinos and the classics would be present, but their variations and many other new games are readily available online but not on the casino floors.
  • The land-based casinos have high overhead costs for food, drinks, staff, and other luxuries that are provided to the visitors. Whereas digital casinos have few value to keep the site running and hence, afford a variety of games easily
  • Charges are high in land-based casinos compared to online sites and still end up receiving less profit for the house.

Online Casinos Pave the way

If you dream of a world where you never have to step out of the house to gamble, online betting platforms are just right for you. No more wasting time and efforts, just fair gambling. These online platforms are user-friendly. Also, virtual gambling rooms have encouraged gamblers to wager against the odds and gamble virtually. The rules of virtual online casinos are just the same as the traditional brick and mortar ones. However, they offer a variety of platforms and games. It is not a stretch to say that they would soon be able to surpass real gambling in popularity.

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