October 24, 2019

5 Tips to identify the blacklisted online casino Malaysia & scam sites

blacklisted online casino in malaysia


There are too many online casinos in Malaysia now using the 918KISS or SCR888 to attract people playing the slot games, however, many gamblers in Malaysia experienced that the casino or the agents don't pay out when they have to win. That's why we are here to give you some tips to pick a better online casino.


How to identify a scam and fake online casinos?

Tip 1. Always check and see the review if you first time playing with the casino

Before you play with the online casino, go to search their review, although not all are real, when a certain online casino is blacklisted by reputable sites, there will be a reason. So, you can be based on the review to make your decision as well.


Tip 2. Check the quality of website and customer service

If it's a real online casino, the customer support will be able to answer your question with professional way, also their website will look more clean and clear without missing any policy.


Tip 3. Beware of new online casino

Not saying all of the new casinos is a scam, but when it comes to the payout trust will be always the matter. If you really want to try a new casino, always try to make a smaller deposit for the first few times until you really get to know the casino. As if the online casino is still new in the market, it will be hard to identify if they are really a scammer.


Tip 4. Play at the international well known Online Casino sites

Playing with the international well known online casino is always safe. Most of them not only operate in a single country, so means that they have huge funds as well. Also, check the website if have the operating license from countries like the Philippines or Cambodia.


Tip 5. Play at the recommended online casino from trusted casino review site or forums

There are a lot's of trusted casino review websites provide a ton of good online casino for you to pick. Playing at a reviewed online casino can give more confidence for players and avoiding from the scamming casino sites. As usual, the trusted casino review site take responsibility with their selection of casinos.

There are too many of these casinos to list and keep appears to be a monthly basis. So, keep your eyes clear when looking a new casino to play. Else, go to some trusted website like us to see the recommended online casinos.


Trusted Online casino Malaysia

Soon, we will create one section for you to submit the scamming online casino details, so everyone can aviod of it.


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