November 12, 2019


As the term goes… “Mobile” Casino. Meaning, doing casino through the use of mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. As long as it has the capability of connecting online, you can use it to play any kind of mobile gambling or mobile casino.

Why do people resort to online gambling than going to real casinos? Well, there is quite a few reasons.



One of the reasons why is because of comfort. The most satisfying feeling of all is playing and winning real money from the comfort of your own bed. Since it is online, you can play wherever, whenever. Just sit, relax, and play.



Just like fastfood chains, you have that chance of easy access of just logging in, and then play. You just have to sign up with one account and then that’s it. You don’t need to sign up every now and then. Just one account is all you need to play your favorite gambling game.



Unlike physical casinos, online gambling is attracting more and more players because of the bonuses. Example of this is the welcome bonus, where the casino will give you enough bonus or $ for you to be able to play their game for free.



Whenever you lose service while playing, it's quite possible that you can get the latest point where you left the game or which part of the game you’ve been cut off from your internet connection. Plenty of online casinos keep records of games for this kind of incidents.

Of course, if there’s a reason for players to like online casino on mobile, there are still other reasons why people don’t see it as an alternative for real casinos.



Because of its easy access, a lot of new players are having second thoughts if they will continue signing up. They are threatened about their security.

Mobile casinos require banking details and other personal details for money transfer of winnings and deposits (bets). Though this is all true, there are ways to know if the website is secure or not. The easiest way to know is through checking the domain. The safe version of a site is if it’s on the https version like


Claiming the wins

This is not for all online casinos, but some takes a long time to give the winning claims. This is the reason why before signing up to a website, you have to research first on how long the can deposit the winnings for you to withdraw. If it will take too much time, better not go through it. There’s might be a possibility that it’s a fraud.

Again, for you to spend a bet and not get any returns is frustrating. To eliminate these kind of situations, be sure that your chosen online casino is secured and doesn’t have any bad reputation. Empire 777 is one of the best choices when it comes to security.

Plus, they are offering different kind of gambling games, be it a classic version or a game with a twist.

Play moderately!

free online slot games in malaysia


There are a lot of casino players that is now being fond with playing slots and free slot games. Well, no one can blame them, as slot games are fun and entertaining. Plus, it is easy to play. If you are a new online casino player, you might hesitate to bet your money out of the blue. Good thing, a lot of online gambling sites nowadays gives out free slot play for first time users.

When online casinos were born, they offer casino table games rather than slots. But now, there are more and more online gambling sites who puts up an online slot games. This is not just because they want the attention of the colorful designs, but also because of its growing popularity. Especially to new players.

Free Online Slots have turned out to be extremely famous among the masses and is considered as a pastime. Numerous individuals all around the globe lean toward playing online slots games today. Free Online Slots are especially famous in everywhere especially in Malaysia.

Online Slots are progressively a game of tricks and good fortune. It is exceptionally simple and easy to win and understand. Simple navigation gives out wins. Big and small, important thing is, it is never a stress to play this game. It’s a kind of game where players are just being relaxed. Though it is easy to play, there are also a need to learn different types of slots, for you to know the different tips to win larger winning or even getting the jackpot. If you have experienced playing slots on a real casino before, then that’s just how it likely the same from playing it online.

If you still have any doubts about playing it online, just find any good resource of online casino ratings, and check out your chosen online casino website’s reputation. The luck you might be waiting for is just a few clicks away.

genting highlands casino


This article is more of a combination of trivia and facts. Our topic is the Genting Highland Malaysia. Why it’s an important topic for a gambling site? Because this is the one and only legal casino in the whole country of Malaysia.

The reason why there is such thing, because Malaysia as a Muslim country, and it is prohibited on their religious principle to support these kind of things. But because a country needs tourist to be known, and a country needs to grow economically, it’s been decided to allow a gambling site to take place. Though the only rule that applies is to have only one.

Genting Casino opened to public in the year 1971, this is launched together with the Genting Resort. Though a lot says that they built the resort only to support the reason for having a casino placed in the country. Killing the possible gossip it will cause, they highlighted the opening of the resort, rather te opening of the casino. Though, as expected, more people went there to gamble.


Gambling Stations

Like any other casino, it offers different tables. Genting casino has 30 tables composed of Blackjack, Tai Sai, Roulette, and French Boule. They also offer different types of slot machines together with the famous “one-armed-bandits”.

Because this is the only legal casino in town, it offers different games so that it will serve its purpose. They have the classic casino games like Roulette, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Blackjack and many more.



The casino is open everyday, 24/7 – even on holidays. They cannot be closed during the holidays because that’s the time when tourists comes to visit.



To be able to get attention other than being the only casino available in town, Genting casino thought of having themed sections.

Because Genting is the only casino in Malaysia, it’s tagged as one of the finest casino in the world. Of course, it is the only gambling area there, it has to upscale its reputation.


Themed Areas



There is a Hollywood theme where it feels like you’re a star playing. Lights and glitters shine and twinkle all over the walls and ceilings. They call this the Monte Carlo.


Latte Lounge

Another popular theme sections in the casino is the Latte Lounges. This section includes a hip and trendy feel for the young ones and for those who are young at heart. It also has an exclusive International and VIP Room. This is usually the place for high stakes or the high bettors. Exclusive games are held here for selected Genting Rewards Card members and VIP invited guests.



Besides these luxurious, hi, and fancy themed areas, there is this are that they call the SkyCasino, why? Because it is located at the SkyAvenue shopping mall; it operates 24 hours a day with a beautiful forest theme filled with earth like colors of furniture and wood accessories. Other than this forest feel, it is famous because of its digitalized, moving image of skies and tress on its ceiling.

SkyCasino also is very customer friendly. It is full of necessity assistance. Plenty of ATMs to choose from, lots of casino personnel to ask for help and assistance, treasury counters for transactions. There is also dining areas inside, including coffee, café and snack bars.


20th Century Fox World

Not only that Genting Highlands have great themed areas, they also have an upcoming themed park. Inspired by the 20th Century Fox World. After the construction, this would be the very first and only functioning 20th Century themed park.

Like any other casinos, Genting top up the classy prominent view of gamblers. They set a very strict rules and regulations. From security, guest admissions, dress codes and even taking pictures inside the vicinity.



Only ages 21 years old and up is allowed inside the casino. It doesn’t matter if the young ones has an older companion. They have to present IDs if their physical appearance is somehow younger than what they say their age is.

If you are a Malaysian citizen with Islam religion, you are not allowed to enter, otherwise, you’re very welcome to enter and play.


Dress Code for the General Gaming area

As much as possible, wearing formal dress for both men and women are necessary, if not, even a casual formal dress will do.

T-shirts with advertisements and offensive, or political slogans are not allowed. If just in case, you have to put a scarf over it to not be seen by other guests.

Accessories like hats, and sunglasses are not allowed. Casual slippers, sandals, short pants and sportswear are prohibited. It stains the high-end reputation of the place.


Dress Code for the International Room and VIP Gaming Areas

T-shirt (with collar) or polo needs to be tucked in. Only leather and sports shoes are allowed at VIP gaming areas. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to enter.



Firearms are strictly not allowed, except for security personnel – with a license to carry of course. This is an exception if the guest is a highly important person like a president of another country or the likes.

Persons in possession of firearm, even if it’s a bodyguards are required to deposit their guns on the Casino Security office before entering the casino.


Taking pictures for souvenir or other reasons

Like the firearms, no one is allowed to take pictures inside the casino. It must be deposited on the casino security. Phones with camera are also not allowed to be used through taking pictures. It will be allowed inside, but if you use it for taking pictures, it will be taken away to be deposited on the casino security.



Having a big bag or luggage is not allowed. Having knives or other sharp items is not allowed. If ever it is a necessity like nail kits or accessories, it should be deposited on the casino security.


Like other articles about gambling in Malaysia, you will read one thing in common; it is illegal to play online casino. Why? Because it is a Muslim country and gambling is prohibited on their religious beliefs.

Though because a country needs to grow economically, one casino is built in Malaysia – The Genting Highland Casino. It is the only legal casino in the whole country. Other than that, small casinos and even small clubs that offers slot machines or has one gambling table is arrested or being punished by closing its establishment.

Although online gambling or online casino is technically illegal in Malaysia, it's not clear if patronizing a gambling site is illegal. The only written law regarding the legality of gambling in Malaysia is the physical establishments, but nothing written about online casinos. But just to be safe, hosting an online casino in the country is not open. Because of this law, online casinos that wants to acquire Malaysian players open a gambling sites hosted in casino legal countries and just welcomes Malaysian players.

One of the reasons why hosting online gambling in Malaysia is hard is because of money transfers. Banks in Malaysia is very aware that it is prohibited to transfer casino moneys, unless it is form the Genting Casino.

So in time, if you visited this country and you want to make online gambling your past time, don’t enter Malaysian based casinos. It’s either you’ll just risking your security of fraud, or you’ll just be disappointed because you will not be able to get your winnings.

The answer is an offshore gambling site that caters Malaysian players like https://www/ - it’s not just legal, it is also a secure gambling site. Be sure that your financial details will not be visible to anyone.


Betting Legalities

As a result of country-wide gambling ban through casino, it’s not a surprise that other means of betting flowed through other ways.

Certain forms of gambling are legal in the country. Like betting or purchasing lottery tickets. Malaysia allows lotteries to be run. Another betting game allowed is the Racing Act. It permits betting on horse racing, though it should only allowed at physical racing tracks. Other that those two, all gambling works should be done inside the Genting Highland Casino.

One of the enemies of the gambling act is the online hubs all over the country. Sine Malaysia has become more and techier, it is a necessity of the country to allow computer shops. Though, it is not the hub’s fault if their computers are being used by online casino players. They have the right to protect their customer’s privacy. Once they sit in front of the computer, it’s their own prerogative to do what they want, play, watch, etc.


Other forms of betting in Malaysia

Again, because people are smart, they see opportunities in every bad situation. In this case, since betting is mostly being monitored through races, lottery, and casinos. Game betting has become one of the most popular thing in Malaysia.

The game Badminton is probably the sport they had most success in, although football is the most popular game in the country. They see an open opportunity to use these games as a betting option. People often bet who will win the game or how much point a team is going to have, or even guessing and putting a bet on the final winning score – sometimes, even guessing the losing score and betting on it too.


Gambling Events

Domestic Super League is among the competitions in the Malaysian sports that is being followed, Malaysia is known for hosting two popular motorsports events; both the Formula One Grand Prix and the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships. It is seen as another way to play bets.

Among the list of what to bet are:

  • Winning number, example; who will comes first, second, and third.
  • Who will win
  • Time of winning laps


Future of Gambling in Malaysia

Even with a country-wide ban and law regarding gambling, Malaysia cannot prevent people to bet using other methods. This is why legalizing gambling is still a hot discussion among the law authorities. Since they already allowed one major casino in the country and allowed races and lottery, maybe in time, they’ll take off major bans for other betting game too. We’ll never can tell.

register at an online casino

Why do you need to sign up for an online account to play casino games? This is one of the listed questions a player will think before entering an online gambling site to play.

Well… one, registering an account to play depends on how avid player you are. If you play once in a blue moon or play once a month or even once every two months, then by all means, don’t bother to register. But if your playing schedule is at least once every week or more often than that, there’s a need for you to sign up your own gambling game account.

Playing online casino has a lot to offer yes, but imagine, those who is playing without any registered account gets some fun stuff and bonuses, what more if you are a registered player?


Here are a list of benefits when you are registered



There are some benefits in signing up an account, one of those benefits is the VIP level. Having this badge lets a player have more bonuses and/or gets higher discounts for the deposits made. Meaning, the higher discount you have, the more value of winnings you get.

Another reason why you need to create an account is the loyalty bonuses. Of course, you cannot be a loyal client if they don’t know who you are. Hence, registration comes into part.

More reason? Do you happen to know that there’s a bonus you can get if you refer another player on an online casino? Yes, there is this what they call “refer-a-friend” bonus. Again, how will your friend even refer you if you don’t have any accounts on that site?


Promotion offers

These kind of news are most of the time being sent through emails. So, if you’re not registered to your gaming site, how would you be able to know if there are great offers?

Casino promotions or offers are not just small talks, it’s the real deal. Sure, you can play on site and stumble upon bonuses and accidentally play on an offer they have, but would it be more helpful if In the first place, you already know that there is something going on, that you’re able to win more or get more if you already knew what room and game you should play from the very first minute you entered that website.

Of course, it is understandable that registering immediately on a gambling site needs more thought. Some register just a whim but others think a lot before signing up.

If you’re having second thought on signing up, that’s okay. But you also have to address why you are having second thought. Once you answered why, then that’s the reason you should focus on. If it’s already been solved, it would be better for you to register and enjoy what other players don’t.

One of the main reason of doubts is the reputation and security of a website. If this is the case, you can research if there are bad reviews on the website that you want to sign up. You can also see if it’s secured by simply checking out its domain. If it is on https, then it’s surely secured like

There is no need to be guilty in investigating a site first, we are talking about security and your own hard earned cash. You have all the right to protect it from any scam and fraud.


Have you tried your luck playing any slot machines and you end up winning but not getting the jackpot? If yes, how about trying your luck again and play aiming the jackpot prize… sounds impossible? What if we say it’s just a one tip away?

If you look close enough, you will see that there are different types of slot machines, and the easiest jackpot you can win is the progressive jackpot.


What is Progressive Jackpot

This is simply the jackpot that keeps on adding up until someone wins it. It continue to add up when the game is played but the jackpot is not won. So, the more people play the game and don’t win, the bigger the jackpot becomes. If you already know the technique in winning the jackpot, it is advised to lose first, so that the jackpot will add up more.


How it works

Normal amount or sometimes even lower than the basic payout is being won when you play any progressive jackpot game. This is also the reason why other players get tired of the game and just let go, not knowing that they’ve just made the game more vulnerable to win.

Every progressive jackpot game has a minimum and maximum bets. Sometimes, it is written on the machine itself, but sometimes it’s not. The only way for you to know the minimum and max bets is for you to take math into action. Usually, max bets are half of the winning jackpot.


Win the sitting jackpot

As said above, there are minimum and max amount of bets. The easiest way to win the jackpot is through betting a maximum amount. But just to be sure, some adds more into the total amount of their bet. Why? Because casinos, whether offline or online always have to get the game on their edge. So if a bet is not worth giving the jackpot, then it will not be released. Remember that every machine has its own program, and nowadays, it can be programmed the way the casino wants to.

This is why more and more players tend to play online casinos because they already know how to win it. They just wait for a progressive jackpot to be big and then win it on the comfort of their own home.


How to pick a target game?

Actually, hunting a game that can be easily won is not that hard. All you have to do is look for slots that you think you can put up a maximum bet. But of course, it’s not all about getting the jackpot, you also have to check its security first. If the website is not secured, you might be falling to an enticing fraud.

The said tips are just simple but it works. The only fallback is the amount you’re willing to bet on each game you’d like to play. Though these techniques works, always keep in mind that online casino programmers and owners are not stupid. They know if their secrets are being used against them. So, be careful on your judgments, because some online casinos might have already changed their program. Again, they always have the edge.


Pro gamblers says that Crap is one of the easiest and most simple casino games, whether offline or online. Well, that’s because they already know every ins and outs of the game. But for new players, playing this game is a headache. Especially if they don’t follow what everyone is talking about. Our advice, play it online first before playing it on the real world. Why? Because playing it online will make it easier for you to understand it, as you’ll just go with the programs flow.

Just in case you don’t like playing the game without understanding it, here are some of the basic terms and gameplay you have to know. Once this things are already embedded on your mind, the rest will just simply follow.


Winning and Losing numbers

Numbers 7 & 11 = Win

12, 13, & 2 = Lose


Game Terminologies



Boxman = this is the supervisor who stash all cash in the game

Stickman = the one pushing the dice around the table using a stick, he controls the phase of the game

Dealers = they manage all the bets within the game



Passline = this is where bets are placed when you play with the shooter’s side

Don’t Pass Bar = players who place their bets here are playing against the shooter

Come & Don’t Come = place for bets but can only be used on a later part of the game

Field = this is used for one-roll bets between the numbers 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12.



Craps = 2, 3, or 12

Yoleven = 11

C & E = 11

Snake Eyes = two 1s (each dice’s result is the number 1)

Boxcars = two number 6

Little Joe = 4

Jimmy Hicks = 6

Skate & donate = 8

Skinny Dugan = loser 7

Center Field = 9 (it is the number on the center of the table)

Puppy paws = two number 5

Hard 10 = two number 5

Natural Winner = numbers 7 or 11 (on come out roll)

Come out roll = the very first roll of the shooter for every game


Playing Craps

First thing you have to know when playing craps is the rotation. No one could put a bet anywhere until the shooter puts his bet first.

If the come out roll result is 7 or 11, all bets on the passline won and the don’t pass lose. But if the come out roll result is 2, 3, or 12, all bets on the don’t pass won, and bets on the passline lose – this is called craps. If the shooter rolls other number from the said ones, it becomes a point for every bet on that turn.


Odds bet

This is term used for additional bets. After the shooter rolls out a point, you can place another bet on different place. Like for example, you already placed a bet on the passline, if the roll result is points, you have the opportunity to place an additional bet on the opposite line which is the don’t pass.

Odd bets can be touched anytime. You can decrease, increase, or even remove it anytime you want. Depends on your gut.

No matter how simple this explanation was, in order for you to win a fast phase is to learn more about the game. Any casino games need to be learned before playing. It is where the confidence of winning comes from, by totally understanding (as they say) every side of the dice.

slot machines


Oh those jackpot prize! Have you won anything from playing the slots before? If you haven’t, then this is the article that could help you get those winnings.

In all casino games, whether it’s offline or online, slot machines are the most relaxed game you’ll ever play. You just have to reel in the lever and hope for luck to strike your way. Well, truth is, slot machines are not all luck, there are also hidden ways to get those prizes right into our own pocket.


Listed below are 6 online slot tips to win



This is the big gun that you should have when playing slots. Your mind will not be able to think right if you’re too preoccupied with other things in mind. Of course you play because you want to win, but getting all over that thought will only make you more prone to losing, because you will not be able to identify small things that could make you win.



Though slot machines all looks like the same, it differs not only from the colors or display, it also has different types. Before playing the slots, you have to choose whether you want to play the progressive slot, multi-slot, etc. Know different types of slot machines and how they work.



There are different symbol combinations for each slots. You have to know what set of combinations you have to target for you to win. The more times you win, the smaller the amount you keep. Winning big is through taking a risk of betting big.



Set your main goal to get the jackpot. A perfect example is the progressive slot. The secret in getting that pre-add up jackpot is by betting the max bet. So, if you just play it with small bets, you’re just making the jackpot prize add up more. Remember that you’re playing online games, they are programmed to not give out big chances of winning to players with small bets.



Playing online casino games is very enticing especially if the bonuses and jackpots are big. Though in all casino sites, in order for you to play, you have to sign up and most of the time, you need to opt-in your banking details. Of course no one would want to make their financial details public. In order for you to know if the casino site is secured is through checking if the url is on https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) like, – Asia top online casino.



Before playing any gambling game, you have to set a budget or limit. How much you are willing to spend per game, and what amount are you targeting. With those in set, be sure to have discipline to follow those budgets and limits. Know when you have to stop. There is always another day to spend playing. It’s better to win some rather than lose a lot.

Link this to “Casino Games” article.

why people like playing blackjack


Most gambling sites offer a wide range of online games (counting blackjack), with some offering sports betting and lotteries.

Players will see on their computer screens where they can make their bets and the info playing choice for each hand. Live online blackjack games are at least somewhat close to what you do on a real casino. Gambling sites that offer live merchant blackjack games use outside suppliers to video and stream the live games.


Reasons why players choose blackjack

Number one on the list is Comfort

Players don't need to fix himself and head out some place to put down a wager or a bet; player can do it wherever and whenever they want. This is why playing online blackjack games for cash can be addictive to a few players. Be sure that you don't let yourself be hooked. Play responsibly.

Next on the list is Convenience

Online blackjack with human merchants has turned out to be more convenient as you can just play it while sitting pretty or even laying at home.

They have local dialect merchants, player can chat with their merchant, and they can play the spilled blackjack game on their PC, iPad, or iPhone. There’s always an open game for blackjack online. There are lots of rooms to cater players 24/7.

Another reason is Safety

Since it can be played at the comfort of your own place, player don’t have to bring hard cold cash with them while playing. They just have to put in their account/card number to pay.

Note: Before playing online gambling sites, be sure that it’s secure by checking out if it is on HTTPS. Inquire about an online gambling site on the Internet to make certain it is authorized and inspected.

Additional notes in playing this game:

Know the playing rules and the house advantage before you play any online blackjack game.

Blackjack can be played for the sake of entertainment or for genuine cash on Internet gambling sites. Look at the changed ways that a particular gambling site will enable you to store cash into your account, how to withdraw cash from your account and to what extent it will take, join rewards from various online sites and the play prerequisites to acquire the reward.



In all aspect of gambling games, there are always a pro, and of course there’s also cons.

Unlike real casinos or clubs where you can trade your chips for money immediately after your game, online blackjack is different. When you bet on an Internet website and need your cash, it might take a few days for you to get it. You have to get through some process first before you can claim your winnings.

The real weaknesses are the somewhat long hold up to get cash from your account.

No matter how easy or hard a gambling game is, you always have to take in consideration your budget. How much are you willing to spend and your goal amount of winning. Though, you must know that your spending amount is more important to track. Your goal should be more winning than more loses.

online casino games real money


If you're someone who started playing online games to earn real money, or you're someone who look into doing it, then this article is the thing you needed.

The physical gambling clubs and casinos gets its edge by using math and expansive numbers. Each casino game offers a lower payout than the real chances of winning. But with our fast-growing generation, many have seen this flaw and decided to work it out using the Internet to its advantage.

Less rides, less efforts, just plug, play and win!

Here are the top 10 online casino games you would love to play for real money:



Slot Machines are popular game in casinos. With online casino on the rise, it gave a rightful slot for slot machines to raise up with its popularity.



In roulette, the chances of hitting a particular number are 37 to 1. In any case, a wager on a particular number just pays off at 35 to 1.



In blackjack, otherwise called twenty-one, is a card game of aptitude and luckiness. The protest of the game is to draw a hand whose esteem is higher than that of the merchant's hand, however without going more than 21. On the off chance that you go more than 21, you "bust" and consequently lose.

There are numerous varieties of online blackjack, and every variety has its own particular uncommon guidelines. By the by, there are fundamental blackjack decides that are regular to most online blackjack games. When you take in these fundamental blackjack rules, it will be anything but difficult to take in the uncommon guidelines that apply to your specific blackjack game.



Online Baccarat rules. Baccarat is additionally called Punto Banco (where Punto implies Player and Banco is Banker). There is regularly a different zone in the land-based gambling club for playing baccarat. The playing table is about the extent of a craps table with a croupier, two gambling club merchants and up to 14 players.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino dice game. The name Sic Bo signifies "dice match" in Chinese, despite the fact that the game is really played with three dice. The question of the game is to put down bets on the numbers that surface when the Sic Bo dice stop.


Pai Gow

Pai gow is one of the oldest casino game that is as yet played consistently around the globe. It's the same with pai gow poker (the American version), which is really a game played with domino tiles. Be that as it may, the first pai gow is significantly more troublesome for players to learn, as it is extremely unordinary when it comes to scoring and other gaming rule factors. If you'll have any difficulty in understanding this article, it is best to ask an older person that gambles for the live basic tutorial.



Keno is one of the simplest games of the online casino, however it is a considerable measure of fun and can get extremely energizing. The protest of the game of keno is to figure which keno numbers, from 1 to 80, will be drawn by the casino keno computer. It is like a lottery games. However, it's played more often and way faster.



Craps is played by betting on the result of a move of a pair of dice, and as anyone might expect, is a variety of an exceptionally old dice game. You will even discover individuals everywhere throughout the world playing road Craps. Figure out how to play Craps and bring the energy home from the boulevards and casinos.



Online Bingo is just the same with how you play the standard bingo. It is very much like; the only difference is how you get the numbers to mark. Instead of a gallant voice calling the numbers, online bingo only shows the letters and numbers on your screen. Aside from that, you can play online bingo even without going into a real casino and play, shout "bingo" with other players on long tables.

The other thing that separates the classic play is you don't have to sort your cards yourself, and the framework will "auto spot" your tickets and claim any wins. No need to look over and over if you got the right sets of numbers.


Video Poker

If you're an avid casino player, or even someone that plays any gambling games, you probably know what poker is. The only difference is you will play this on a computer and you won't have the chance to use that poker face.

Whether you're a frequent online casino player or just a beginner, you'll surely enjoy these games. Just remember that you have to put your mind in the game but prevent yourself from being addicted. Play responsibly.

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