November 21, 2019

Casino Games

Casino Games

Nowadays, casino games changes as fast as our generation changes. Classic games are now getting a lot of variations and different versions. This is the reason why other casinos give a free tour to new players, for them to know more about different games that they can play; and because these games are also being adapted by online gambling sites, some websites also offers a virtual tour or tutorials on games that they offer.

There’s this video that goes around about a game video poker that is too serious, that when you watch it, you’ll seriously get some techniques on how to play it well.

There are two main variation of casino games, one is the casino games which involves cards, dices, and dealers. The other kind is just a machine that you will operate. No cards, dice or dealers, this is what they call Slots.

The difference?


Casino Games

These games are exciting to play because players should think, strategies, and be very aware of their gameplay and bets. Players also need to know the version of the game that they are playing, or else they might end up losing, because they thought that they were playing the other version.

Every game has its own strength and weakness, this is why it needs a thinking mind to play. Nut one of the most challenging game is roulette, because in this game, player not only need a thinking mind, and great technique, they also need luck – a lot of luck. Plus, it is quite expensive, especially for newbies. This is why there’s a saying that playing roulette is not for everyone.


Casino Slots

This machine deceives a lot of players, most especially the new ones. Because of its simple navigation and fun designs, it attract a lot of players to try playing it. Not fully understanding what symbol they should be targeting or what sort of combination they should prevent from getting.

The first thing a player must consider in playing the slots is the type of machine. I bet only a few knows that there are different types of slot machines.


Progressive Jackpot

This s a type of slot that makes the jackpot price goes up whenever it is played. Not until the jackpot prize is won, it will never stop to add amount to the jackpot. Though it is fascinating to watch as the prize adds up, do not be fooled as the jackpot prize could only be won if someone bets the max amount of bet. Otherwise, it will only give out small amount of winnings, making it more enticing to play for other players who doesn’t know its secret.


Multi-spin Slot

As its name goes, this slot has multi spins. Meaning, there are more than one reel a player could pull (or click – for online casino). There is an option to hold the last reel while the other slots are already spinning. This is what others call the big gun of slots, because those people who plays this slot is either have no idea what they’re playing, or the player is a high-risk taker, because this slot can only be won by high-risk betting. Like Progressive jackpot, this slot will only give out small winning if not being played with a big bet.


Multi-line Slot

This is a tricky type of slot. With every line, it will show a different winning combination. A player must bet on a line that he thinks will land the perfect winning combination. So if ever other slots land on a winning combination, but the one he puts bet on didn’t, then it’s an automatic loss.

Note: There are times when the special symbols or images on the slot are not on the activated payline, or it’s not an active line to put a bet, it gives out a free spin or bonus round. So be sure that you carefully check for those. It may give you a better value.

No matter what game you choose to play, the right attitude is to play responsibly. Do not be greedy, and know when to stop. There’s always going to be another day. Give your luck a time to rest.

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