January 27, 2020

Online Casino for Beginners: Types of Online Casino Bonuses

types of online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses or promotions are an important part of online gambling. If you want to try betting in online casinos, it's important to know what they are and what they are used for. It's also useful to know the different types of online casino bonuses.

How so?

Online casino bonuses and promotions can be extremely helpful. They give players the extra boost to winning big payouts and prizes. But if you don't read between the lines of the terms and conditions, you may get yourself caught in a tricky place.

And of course, each type of online casino bonus has its own terms & conditions, and its own advantages and disadvantages.

Online Casino Bonuses

As we've stated before, online casino bonuses are discount-like promotions or schemes that online casinos use to encourage players to play more. How? By giving them free 'promos' that they can use to bet in their casino games.

So basically, the main gist of online casino bonuses or promotions is that you can get something for nothing. Because if you use, for example, a Free Spins bonus, you can get a certain number of free spins without having to use your own money to bet in the game. 

It's like playing for free, or getting a discount off.

Beware: Wagering Requirements

The catch is that you will have to fulfill wagering requirements before you can take home and withdraw your winnings.

Wagering Requirements are also called 'turnover'. This just means that the casino will set a specific amount you must have to bet or wager first before you can withdraw the winnings you got from using the online casino bonus. Usually, it depends on the bonus, and which game you will want to play in to complete the wagering requirements.

So for example, if you claim EMPIRE777 Casino's Welcome Bonus, its wagering requirement is 9x for Live Casino and Table Games, and 30x for Slot Games. What are you supposed to multiply exactly? That's how much you got from the bonus.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

There are many types of online casino bonuses, and we've even ranked them by which ones Malaysian players favor the most.

Click on the icons to learn the different type of online casino bonuses:

Free Credit Bonus
Sign up or Welcome Bonus
No Deposit Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Reload Bonus
Rebate Bonus
Cashback Bonus
Loyalty Bonus
Refer a Friend Bonus
Free Play Bonus

Types of Online Casino Bonuses Popular in the Asian Gambling Market

The world of online casinos changes drastically depending on where you're playing or which countries or regions you are in. For example, Asian online gamblers have favorite online casino bonuses. Sometimes this also depends on the online casino offering the promotions. They sometimes choose to change the names of some online casino bonuses or promotions depending on which race or country they are targeting.

Currently, Asian casino players love the No Deposit Bonus, the Free Credit Bonus and the Welcome Bonus.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses Popular in the European Gambling Market

European Online Casinos or those that cater to the European market don't necessarily have different types of online casino bonuses. Rather, some of their online casino bonuses are referred to under a different term or name.

For example, the Free Chips Bonus is the same as the Free Play Bonus. The only difference is that the "Free Chips Bonus" is the term online casinos use when they're catering to the European online gambling market.

But there are some instances when the bonuses are almost the same, except for a very specific condition. Example: the Cashback Bonus vs. the Rebate Bonus.

Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus

The "Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus" is probably the most popular online casino promotion for European players. You can see that it's sort of a hybrid of two types of online casino bonuses: the Free Spins and the No Deposit Bonus.

This is because the Free Spins Bonus can be a stand alone bonus, but it can also be (and it’s often) tied to another bonus. So, sometimes Free Spins are included in a No Deposit Bonus.

Once a player registers an account, the online casino welcomes them as new players with a No Deposit Bonus wherein 1) they're not required to make an initial deposit 2) but they can also spin slots for free.

Cashback Bonus

This casino bonus is also popular among European players. As explained before, this refunds a percentage of the player's total net losses over a certain period of time.

Free Chips Bonus

The Free Chips Bonus on the other hand is just another term for a Free Play Bonus. Online casinos give players 'Free Chips' to bet with. But in most online casinos, players are still required to make a minimum deposit first before claiming the bonus.

Top Online Casinos in Malaysia

Top online casino EMPIRE777 has many types of online casino bonuses in their promotions page.

But what’s especially good about their online casino promotions is that their wagering requirements are fair, as are their terms and conditions.

So you don't need to worry much about the casino ripping you off when you're playing to have a good time.

Take a look at their promotions and see which one best fits your playing needs!

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