The Best Online Casino Bonuses in Malaysia Ranked

online casino bonuses ranked in malaysia

Malaysian online casino players are always on the lookout for the best online casino bonuses in the gambling industry. With so many top online casinos, there's bound to be good online casino bonuses as well.

That's why we ranked the best online casino bonuses being offered to Malaysian players.

What is an Online Casino Bonus?

what is an online casino bonus

To start, what is an online casino bonus in the first place?

Think of it as something like a free discount or promo that's used to attract players to gamble more.

Of course, these online casino promotions are important marketing for online casinos. But the players actually get the upper hand. They have more to gain from the playing edge the online casino bonus grants them!

The Catch: Wagering Requirements

wagering requirements

Of course, the best things in life don't come for free. There's a catch to the brilliance of online casino bonuses, and that's the wagering requirement.

Basically, it's the number of times you must wager before you can withdraw the winnings you got from using your online casino bonus. It's also referred to as a turnover.

So, for example:

If you want to claim EMPIRE777 Casino's 100% Welcome Bonus, the wagering requirement is 9x for Live Casino and Table Games, and 30x for Slot Games. But of course, they also have other terms and conditions. One of these includes a minimum deposit of at least RM30.

If you deposit RM100, you will also get an online casino bonus of RM100 for free!

If you're playing Live Casino or Table Games, then: (RM100 x 9 = 900) / 0.15 (THE PERCENTAGE OF THE WAGERING is 15%) + DEPOSIT

In the case of EMPIRE777 Casino's 100% Welcome Bonus, you'll also have to add the Total Deposit to the Valid Wagering Amount:

Deposit (MYR) Bonus (MYR) Wagering Requirement Total Wagering Percentage of Wagering Valid Wagering amount (MYR)
100 100 Live Casino/Table Games x9 900 15% 6,000 + Deposit 100 

In total, you will have to wager a total amount of RM6,100 before you can withdraw your winnings.

So, depending on the type of game you choose to play for your wagering requirements, you will have to wager 9x or 30x the amount in order to complete the turnover. Not counting the additional terms and conditions you also have to satisfy. Don't worry, it's usually stated beforehand.

And if you think that RM6,100 is a lot of money to wager, think of it this way. If you win big jackpots or prizes with your turnover, you can bring home even bigger than RM6,100!

Now, we know how online casino bonuses work, here's:

The Best Online Casino Bonuses for Malaysian Players Today

8. Free Play Bonus

free play casino bonus

At the bottom of our list is the Free Play Bonus. Basically, it's the same as the No Deposit Online Casino Bonus. You will be literally playing for free. The only catch is that you cannot withdraw any of your winnings. That's because this bonus is usually granted to certain games the online casino wants to promote.

Basically, they'll let players try the game out for free without having to pay anything. As a result, they will get to experience the gameplay, but they won't win anything from it either.

This type of online casino bonus also has a time or playing limit, which expires after a certain amount of time. If you want to continue playing the game, then you should play with real money by making a deposit. Only then, can you withdraw your winnings?

7. Refer a Friend Bonus

Refer a friend bonus

We rank the Refer a Friend Bonus at #7.

From its name, it's a casino bonus that can be claimed if you invite someone you know to register and play in the online casino that's offering the said bonus. Usually, the Refer-A-Friend Bonus can only be claimed once your acquaintance manages to successfully register for an account and make a deposit. In return, you will get a certain percentage from their first deposit.

In EMPIRE777 Casino's Refer a Friend Bonus, you will also have to get your acquaintance to sign up for an account and make a successful first deposit. In EMPIRE777's case, they're offering a 3% commission from the total deposit that your referred acquaintance makes!

6. Loyalty Bonus

loyalty bonus

Coming at #6 is the Loyalty Bonus, a bonus for the consistent online casino players. There are many kinds of Loyalty Bonuses, but basically, they're rewarded to those who have continuously played at a specific online casino for months or even years. Thus earning the term 'loyalty. In essence, they are a bit exclusive and depend on the players' membership status. Some of the more common examples of these are a Free Spins Bonus or a Monthly Match Bonus.

5. Reload Bonus

 reload bonus

In the middle of our rankings is the Reload Bonus. The Reload Bonus is also one way of retaining an online casino's usual players. Basically, a player makes a certain deposit, and as a token of appreciation, the casino offers them a Reload Bonus which they can claim. The Reload Bonus gives players a percentage of their deposit for free. That's on top of the amount that you deposited.

So, say for example:

You made a deposit of RM100.

The top online casino in Malaysia EMPIRE777 offers you their 10% Reload Bonus, which you claim.

You can then get 10% of RM100 FOR FREE as a bonus.

So, in total, you have RM110 to play with.

4. Free Spins Bonus

free spins bonus

At #4 we have the Free Spins Bonus. This is one of the favorite online casino bonuses because a lot of players love to spin slots! It's also unique because it only applies to a specific type of online casino game, which is the online slot game.

Usually, they're offered to players when there's a casino tournament going on. But some top online casinos in Malaysia like EMPIRE777 Casino offer a Free Spins Bonus that can get players up to 60x free spins. Also, remember to always check up to how many of the spins are free.

3. No Deposit Bonus

no deposit bonus

At the third spot, we have the No Deposit Bonus. This deposit is attractive to players because it doesn't require players to shell out money from their own pockets so that they can play.

The No Deposit Bonus is usually given to new players as a sort of Sign Up or Welcome Bonus, but it's also given as a reward to players who stick to one casino. The No Deposit Bonus also takes many forms. There's a Bonus Cash (free money to play with), Free Spins, Free Play (free credits that must be used within a certain time limit), and Cashback (players can get a certain amount of their losses [over a period of time] back).

2. Sign Up Bonus or Welcome Bonus

100% welcome bonus

At the prestigious #2 spot, we have the Sign-Up or Welcome Bonus! These are online casino bonuses typically reserved and given to brand new players. These players have not made an account yet, and still have to make their first deposit.

Note that the Sign-Up or Welcome Bonus is only given to new players who have finished the registration process, have successfully made an account, and have their first deposit. And as mentioned earlier, EMPIRE777 is also offering a 100% Welcome Bonus to brand new players!

Unfortunately, you can only get this online casino bonus once, and that's why they are usually the biggest-paying or most rewarding online casino bonuses in Malaysia.

1. Free Credit Bonus

free credit bonus

And at the #1 spot, we have the Free Credit Bonus. The Free Credit is also like a Sign-Up Bonus or Welcome Bonus in the sense that it is mostly given to new players who have just registered for a brand new account.

From its name, players are given Free Credit to play and bet with. For top online casinos like EMPIRE777, a bonus like this can go up to as high as RM30 Free Credit. This is entirely free; all players will have to do is satisfy certain terms & conditions and complete the wagering requirement.

But once the Free Credit is credited to your account, you have the freedom to use it for whatever game you want to play. And, you have the chance to win prizes even bigger than your free RM30 credit!

These online casino bonuses give you a discount and a free playing edge! They're the extra boost you need to win big payouts and prizes. It's a good thing that the top online casino in Malaysia EMPIRE777 has the best online casino promotions to date for all their Malaysian (and other Asian) players.

Hurry and visit their Promotions Page to see the best online casino bonuses they're offering right now!

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