Best Chinese New Year themed Slot Games to win

best Chinese new year themed slot

New Year always brings new hopes and happiness and people used to celebrate it with their families and friends. Many people also travel to their countries or other places to welcome the coming year in a new way. There are different ways to celebrate the new year, and some people also traditionally start their year. Here we must mention Chinese people, they also traditionally welcome their year and prepare special food and dishes. The most common tradition of the New Year is giving money to relatives and we also follows this important tradition. In the coming 2021, people will get the chance to win a lot of money in an easy way.


All you need is to join online or visit the live casino and enjoy unlimited gaming options with 10 of the most exciting Chinese theme-based slots. These slots are designed to welcome all the new and old players who want to try their luck in casinos. So, welcome your Chinese New Year 2021 with us and get the chance to win unlimited cash prizes. You can select from a wide range of slots and increase the chances to win the jackpot. For your assistance, we are going to mention the available Chinese New Year Slot, so let’s get started.

Choose from the Chinese theme-based slots:

Lucky New Year – Pragmatic Play:

RTP: 96%

Lucky New Year – Pragmatic Play:

It's a simple game in which the player needs to hit on the festive lamps and continue to hit six times. After that, he will get the chance to re-spin the wheel where 15 different exciting gifts are listed for you. You will learn more once you start playing the game.

Caishen's Cash – Pragmatic Play:

RTP: 96.50%


Caishen is one of the ancient Chinese gods who bring prosperity in life. This slot is an open invitation to the people who have a hunger for earning a lot of money with fun because every player will get the chance to win cash. The classics theme of the game will give you a golden look that will appeal to your eyes. 

Caishen Wins – PG Soft:

RTP: 96.92%

Caishen Wins – PG Soft

Enjoy the visit to the Temple of Wealth and try your fortune. It’s a fun game that provides the opportunity to play unlimited with the advanced theme, and basically, it's a video slot with the gamble feature. The player can win every time they spin the wheel. Moreover, the Scatter symbols will trigger the spin options.

Golden Pig – Pragmatic Play:

RTP: 94.97%

Golden Pig – Pragmatic Play

This game is dedicated to the pig year, but it is also included in our Chinese New Year slot. It’s one of the newly launched slots but gets fame instantly, and people prefer to play this game and make money.

88 FA – Aspect Gaming:

RTP: 94.13%

88 FA – Aspect Gaming

This game is the only design with mesmerizing Chinese music and themes. It will give you 243 ways to win the game and have stacked symbols where the golden one considers as the special reels. Free spin will also give you more chances to win and low rates of other facilities. In short, this slot will give you more money as compare to any other. 

FA FA FA – Genesis Gaming:

RTP: 95.09%

FA FA FA – Genesis Gaming

This game is as simple as you play a snake game on old mobiles. All you need is to combine the objects and win the game. Fa Fa Fa would be a more exciting Chinese themed based game slot that you must try. It's easy to play and win.

FA FA ZHU – GamePlay Interactive:

RTP: 96.5%

FA FA ZHU – GamePlay Interactive

For the people who want a well-designed themed slot with easy to play feature, Fa Fa ZHU is one of them. It's also based on the spinning reel concept and gives you multiple opportunities to win a lot of money for free. The addition of the bet level increases the interest level of the player as well.

Dragon Gong – SkyWind Group:

RTP: 95.26%

Dragon Gong – SkyWind Group

Dragon Gong is also one of the easiest games that will give you the real casino experience. Although, it's also based on the Chinese New Year slot theme, and it's a well functioned and reliable game. It has different symbols like high, low, and special symbols that make it more interesting.

Caishen Lai le – SkyWind Group:

RTP: 98%

Caishen Lai le – SkyWind Group

Get ready for another adventure with Cashman Treasure Map​ and play this game for a long. Get exciting prized on every progression and Metamorphic Jackpots from time to time. It's one of its kind games with amazing theme and layouts that you can't forget. Don't forget to choose it while visiting us.

Chinese New Year EP – Play N Go:

RTP: 94.15%

Chinese New Year EP – Play N Go

This Chinese New Year slot is consisting of red paper envelopes, firecrackers, and all the other celebration stuff that is necessary to celebrate any event.

Moreover, there are hundreds of other games that you can choose from according to your need and requirement. Every slot has its own charm and craze but we suggest choosing the one that you already play. It will increase the chance to win the slot or, you can also win the jackpots of different prizes.

So, whatever you choose for making money, you will earn up to your expectations. You can visit the casino or play online; it's up to your choice. If you ever get the chance to watch the Chinese New Year calendar then, you must understand the color combination and theme of the above-listed slots.

All of them compliment the Chinese New Year theme with a traditional` look. For the better option, you can join us and enjoy the real experience.

Why choose a Trusted Online Casino?

Although there are many online casinos, we suggest EMPIRE777 casino as the best among all because of the following reasons:

  • It’s convenient:

It provides one of the most convenient online gaming opportunities where a person can earn real money. Many people think that online casinos are not real or just for fun, but in reality, they are the online version of the real casino. You can operate the Chinese New Year Slot through your mobile without any restriction of time and place. You can play anytime and anywhere and enjoy playing easy slots.

  • Easy to play:

It offers easy to play the slot that anyone can play. There is no need for any expertise to play Chinese New Year slots, but any newbie can play them easily. It is the reason that they provide equal opportunities to the old and new players so they can play and earn more.

  • Easy withdrawal:

You can start your Chinese New Year 2021 with a good cash withdrawal. You can use this money on vacations and celebrate the New Year with your style. They provide easy withdrawal options, and you can take the money without any problem. Once you request a withdrawal, it may take a few hours to complete the payment process. After that full winning amount will transfer to your account. 

In short, they are spreading happiness in the New Year for all the players so the people can make more money and enjoy every moment.

Best Chinese New Year Slot Games

People used to celebrate the New Year in their style. Some of them make new memories with a new idea, and others follow the traditional ways to celebrate. It provides the opportunity to make money and welcome the coming year with a lot of, blessings and prosperity.

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