September 26, 2021

Best Animal-themed Slot Game Online Malaysia Ranked for 2021

Online slot games are popular in Malaysia

Although Malaysia has strict laws when it comes to gambling, it's no secret that online slot games from online casinos all over the country have become quite popular with Malaysians. Animal-themed slot games in particular have been dominating the slot game genres. Yes, there are horror-themed, classic-slot games that are continuously being developed by many popular game software providers, but the animal-themed games are still on top.

If you search for the new and hottest slot games in Malaysia, many of them still have animal-themed slot games like the classics from 918Kiss or SCR888. It could be the look and feel, or it could just be how the games are made, but there's no denying that Malaysians constantly come back to these animal-slot games because of how enjoyable they are to play and win.

And because we don't want the Malaysian-casino players to be left in the dark about which games are the cream of the crop, here's our list of the best animal-themed slot games in Malaysia this 2021:

7. 888 Dragons Slots

Play 888 Dragons at EMPIRE777

Dragons are animals too, right?

888 Dragons slots is a classic-3 reel online slot game that's so well-liked by Malaysians that it's permanently HOT in online casino EMPIRE777 (popular among Malaysians as well). With just a single pay line and a high volatility level, 888 Dragons slots will come off as a basic slot game, right? Well, not exactly. What 888 Dragons slots lack for, in slot game-fireworks, 888 Dragons slots make up for in its simplicity and consistency. With its high overall payout percentage of 96.84%, 888 Dragons slots is a straightforward game of spinning until you can get the desired prize. Because 888 Dragons slots have only one pay line (three dragons in one straight horizontal line), players will only need to focus on placing their bets.

There's a minimum of 0.01 coins to a maximum of 5.00 coins. Hit the three red dragons-combination and you'll get a 100x total bet prize. Three green dragons get you 50x, three blue dragons get you 25x, and any color of three dragons gets you 5x the total bet prize.

888 Dragons slots design is retro and appealing, with colorful dragons and three number 8's (which is a lucky number in Chinese culture). With all the new crazy slots nowadays, many players will want to go back to the basics. If you're that type of player, then you should take a gamble on 888 Dragons slots at EMPIRE777. You won't regret playing the 888 Dragons slots!

6. Monkey Thunderbolt

Play Monkey Thunderbolt at 918Kiss/SCR888

Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the more famous games from the infamous 918Kiss/SCR888 from Malaysia. If 888 Dragons slots go back to the basics of slot games, then Monkey Thunderbolt is busy being different from the other casino games. It takes inspiration from the urban legend of the Thunderbolt Monkeys. Thousands of years ago, people thought that Monkeys were capable of reaching the heavens. This is basically the whole premise of the popular online slot game Monkey Thunderbolt.

Players will have to bet on which Monkey they think will first reach the heavens. They can also bet on those who they think will win second or third. Gamblers can place combined or multiple bets on a single round.

If you're interested in playing, try to bet as low as 1 MYR first. Then, if you think you've gotten the hang of the game, you can bet 2, 3, or even 4 MYR per monkey. You can check out some of our tips if you want to win the 918Kiss' slot game online in Malaysia!

5. Fish Catch

Play Fish Catch at EMPIRE777 Casino

This game is one of the widely-enjoyed fish shooting games in Malaysia, reinventing the slot game online Malaysia by combining the gameplay with arcade game-like mechanics. Like the many desktop and mobile games that were in trend back in the 2000s, Realtime Gaming's Fish Catch uses the shooting gameplay as a way of putting a spin on the usual online casino slot machines.

Fish Catch gives the players shooting guns which they can load with 'betting' bullets. They place a set amount of stakes that will determine the gun-power of their shooting guns' bullets. There will be 5 guns in total, with different firepower and multipliers.

Fish Catch is an online casino shooting game

Prizes swim around the sea in the form of fish and other aquatic creatures. If you want to win the prize, you have to shoot the fish until it's destroyed! Some of the bigger aquatic creature prizes are more difficult to kill than others, so you will have to load up your gun-power with higher stakes and bets. Did we mention that there's a Mermaid Feature that will set off a roulette spin that will add sweet winnings to your catch? In terms of payout, the maximum possible payout of Fish Catch is set at 1,000x the bet you placed.

Fish Catch is also playable in the top online casino EMPIRE777 both for free and for real money, as long as you SIGN UP.

4. The Monkey King Slot

Play the Monkey King at EMPIRE777 Casino

If you want another Monkey-themed game that's not Monkey-thunderbolt, Gameplay Interactive's The Monkey King is a slot game online Malaysia catching the eyes of many Malaysian players. In terms of aesthetics, The Monkey King slot game has beautiful graphics and smooth animations. Playing the game is also quite simple as it follows the usual slot game online Malaysia rules. There are 5 reels and 30 fixed pay lines. Players can choose their bets on the command buttons below the reels. You can also see your total bet on the central display.

The betting system is simple: if you want to get the chance to win bigger payouts, stake bigger bets on each pay line. You can even choose to bet maximum all in one go, thanks to the max bet shortcut. Its symbols are artifacts and characters inspired by the original Chinese Legend of the Monkey King. Some of the symbols are common and are easy to hit, such as the hand-shaped mountain, red bag, golden bowl, and giant pillar. The rare symbols are harder to get but are more rewarding when you do; these are the golden crown, evil magician, pig god, and the titular character himself: the Monkey King. You can rake up to 400 credits when you get these rare symbols. The common symbols can get you from 10 up to 125 credits.

The Monkey King has big bonus features as well! There are scatter symbols, a free spins bonus, and a wild symbol that can replace any symbol. This can turn uncertain pay lines into winning combinations when it couldn't have otherwise. The best part about The Monkey King slot game is that you can play this easily in EMPIRE777 casino. Not only does the online casino have the other popular animal-themed slot games, but it also offers attractive bonuses that can help players win big payouts. All you have to do is SIGN UP now!

3. Great Blue

Play Great Blue slot game at 918Kiss/SCR888

Great Blue Slot, an ocean-themed slot game online in Malaysia making a name for itself in the Malaysian online casino market is the Great Blue Slot, again from infamous casino game providers 918Kiss/SCR888. Provided by game software giants Playtech, the Great Blue slot is popular among online slot game players for its Great Blue Slot Bonus Round feature. This Great Blue Slot Bonus Round can get the players up to 33 free spins and/or a 15x multiplier. That's huge, but it also means that it can be quite hard to win that bonus with the game's every spin.

The Great Blue slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Great Blue Slot is a video slot game that features loveable and cute ocean creatures like whales, starfish, and turtles. Great Blue Slot has scattered, wilds, free spins, and multipliers. If you have a big budget looking for an even bigger prize, then Great Blue Slot is perfect for you. You can stake as low as 0.01 MYR or as high as 1 MYR. Though that may seem like a relatively low stake, the catch is that you will have to spin quite a number of times just to get that sweet payout!

If you want to win, here are some tips when playing the Great Blue slot game online in Malaysia.

2. Mega Moolah

Play Mega Moolah at top online casinos in Malaysia

Mega Moolah, on the other hand, is one of the classic progressive jackpots favored by Malaysian-casino players. Its progressive jackpot has even reached up to 5 million MYR! This slot game online Malaysia by Microgaming not only has a progressive jackpot, but it also has multiple jackpots with a total of 4. With its safari theme, enjoy the look and feel of the African savanna with lions, gazelles, giraffes, elephants, and more.

This African safari-themed game has 5 reels by 3 rows and 25 pay lines. It's a good slot game online in Malaysia for those who are not looking into betting big, but still want to win a jackpot prize! Of course, the higher you bet, the bigger your chances are of hitting the jackpot. There are wild symbols and free spins features. The wild symbol will come in the form of the titular king of the jungle--the lion on the game's logo. However, if you get three or more fortune-telling monkeys, you'll trigger the free spins bonus that will give you an edge in playing the game. Players can get up to 15 free spins, and every win will be tripled in amount.

This game was made for players of all kinds. It's simple, straightforward, and consistent in handing out big prizes with its multiple and progressive jackpots. That's why it's become an online slot game classic for all kinds of Malaysian gamblers!

1. The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays

Play Legend of Shangri-la slot game at EMPIRE777

It's no coincidence that the best-animal-themed slot game online Malaysia of 2021 is associated with "Shangri-la", a hidden paradise filled with wonders. This 2021, a new slot game online Malaysia needs to dethrone the usual fixtures in the favorite slot games category. The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays, developed by game software providers NetEnt, has made a new modern hit with this innovative slot game online in Malaysia.

There are 6 reels and 5 rows, but it doesn't play like the usual online slot, because instead of hitting the pay lines, the player should get as many symbols adjacent to one another as possible. If a symbol falls right next to a similar symbol--whether horizontal or vertical. Players will win prizes if they get clusters of at least 9 identical symbols together on the reels. Bigger payouts are won if there are more than 9 symbols in a cluster!

It also has rather unique game features. Instead of a wild symbol, there are substitutions; these come in the form of a question mark that when clicked, will provide the player the best possible symbol that will give them the biggest possible win for that specific round. These substitution features can only be used in a single winning combination, though they're still valuable when they do show up.

Although there's a free spins bonus, there's also a re-spin bonus! In one round, if the player gets two clusters of the same icon but aren't big enough to win prizes, the re-spins bonus can activate, giving the player a re-spin while the clusters are locked into place. If at least one more of the symbols appears. The player will get another re-spin, again and again until the spin finishes without adding to the total.

Another bonus is similar to the random substitution feature, where players can get added substitution symbols that are added to the existing clusters. This means that players could potentially get better symbols that would complete their clusters, enough to win the much-desired prize.

Because of these innovative features and gameplay, The Legend of Shangri-la is getting popular among Malaysians and other Asian-casino lovers. It's rated 5 out of 5 stars in many online casinos, 

and certified HOT in EMPIRE777 casino. Play the game now! If you haven't yet, SIGN UP at EMPIRE777 and even get a 100% Welcome Bonus.


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