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Tips How To Play Online Roulette Wheel and Win in Online Casino

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Roulette is one of the first gambling games that appeared in the world. Therefore, many users call it the "King of Casino". Probably no land casino can exist without this game. Simple algorithm, great payouts and fun gameplay, luxury... it all describes the modern Roulette.

The first mentions of roulette appeared in the middle of the 17th century. Since then, the game has evolved around the world and took on the form of modern entertainment. Today, you can test the classic and other types of this exciting game. Thanks to the popularity of gambling, everyone can play online roulette wheel. Most gamers have only one question: “Where can I find roulette table?” Fortunately, there are many places that offer this entertainment:


Land-based Casino

Despite the development of virtual gambling, ground-based gaming halls are still popular. Only here you can find real excitement, luxury and real money. Do not forget about dress code in every casino. The guards do not let in players who come in casual clothes.

So, you need to buy chips, first. You can do this at the checkout or at the roulette table. Most gambling halls offer American / French / European Roulette. Choose a suitable table and place your bets. At the end of the game session, you can exchange your chips for real money and switch to other entertainment.


Online Roulette

Thanks to modern technology, we can play in the casino without leaving the room. To do this, we just need to connect to the Internet, find a suitable game resource and start playing online roulette wheel. In addition, online casinos offer more variations of virtual entertainment (Multiwheel, Auto, Live, Immersive, and others). If you do not know which roulette to choose, then the online casino will offer to test the games in demo mode. You do not need to register and risk money. It is also a great opportunity to get new experience and knowledge. After that, the user can create a game account and begin to lead the 'real' gameplay.

Meanwhile, technology continues to evolve making virtual gambling more fun. So, some game resources offer Live Roulette. This is a new format of games that appeared not so long ago. Choosing a live roulette, you will lead the gameplay against a live dealer and other players. Transmission of such gameplay is conducted from the studio with special equipment. When you improve your skills, you can take part in various tournaments that are held regularly. So, you can fight with other gamers and win a lot of money.


Advantages of playing online roulette:

  • More types of online games;
  • Big payouts;
  • Technical support service;
  • High security;
  • Anonymity;
  • Quality gaming software;


10 Tips How To Win Regularly


roulette tips



Strategy is your main tool

First, you need to analyze your game and evaluate the odds. You can only bet on one number or spend a lot of money on different cells. Professional players recommend betting on different numbers, increasing the probability of winning. You should also examine your game statistics.

Use the online roulette demo mode

There are many online casinos that offer several types of roulette. Tables, rates and rules may vary in all games / casinos, so you need to use a free demo roulette mode. This is also an additional opportunity to develop a strategy.

Don’t count on a single betting system

Starting to play online roulette wheel, you will find dozens and even thousands of different betting systems. Yes, some players have won thousands and even millions of dollars using these systems, but this does not mean that you will win either. Go back to the demo mode and test all available roulette betting systems. Find the most profitable and start playing the 'real' game.

Do not forget about the bonuses

To attract players, online casinos offer various bonuses, gifts and promotions that will increase your bankroll. These gifts will help the user to save money and win more credits. Use all available bonuses and cashback.

Know your odds

You don’t necessarily have to know the odds in roulette to play this game but knowing them will inform you which bets are better.

Below are the odds as they stand:

Even money bet 46.37% 48.6%
Column bet 31.58% 32.40%
Dozen bet 31.58% 32.40%
Straight Up bet 2.63% 5.26%
Split bet 5.26% 5.51%
Street bet 7.89% 8.11%
Corner bet 10.53% 10.81%
Double street bet 15.79% 16.22%
Top Line bet 13.16% NA

Avoid 'sweet offers'

Experienced players recommend always avoiding different side bets and 'sweet offers'. For example, online casinos can offer amazing bonuses in the Lightning Roulette. However, this version of roulette table will bring small payouts. At the end of the gameplay, your bankroll will decrease several times.

Column-betting strategy can be a solution

This is a great solution that has helped hundreds of players win a lot of money. Learn more about this experience and start playing right now!

Do not forget about the Limits!

Most beginners make a big mistake. they don't know how much money they can lose. Therefore, you should set temporary and monetary limits to help avoid a catastrophe.

Play responsibly

Experts recommend not to abuse the gameplay. Roulette should always be your hobby, it is not a business. Roulette and online casinos in general, is entertainment and leisure that is available at any time.

Play online roulette wheel only in reliable and popular online casinos

Experts recommend choosing a virtual casino based on certain criteria (portfolio, security, licenses, payment methods). You must lead the game process only in a reliable and modern gaming club. For this, you need to find the licenses of the online casino where you are going to sign up. In this case, you will be absolutely safe.

Types of roulette which are presented in online casinos today

Nowadays, game resources offer different types of popular Roulette. Thanks to the free demo modes, you can test any prototype roulette and find the most profitable.


European Roulette

Today, experts are sure that European Roulette is the basis of other forms of this entertainment. In addition, it is one of the most popular types of roulette that is represented in all gaming halls. European Roulette offers a large 37-cell wheel including "0". This entertainment is also known as "Single Zero Roulette". Here, you can bet on color, number or cell. As a rule, European Roulette is always available in a free demo mode.


American roulette

This variation of the game appeared more than 100 years ago in one of the regions of the United States. American version of the roulette is similar to the European one, but it has 38 numbers. Figures from 1 to 36 are made in different colors (red / black). The dealer accepts bets on color / number / cell and other things. By the way, you can win more money in American Roulette.


French roulette

French Roulette contains age-old traditions, luxury and wealth. Of course, it looks like the previous kinds of roulette table. By choosing French Roulette, you will bet on a wheel with 37 cells. The ball will fall in. Firstly, you can make a number of colors, color or some other things.

Roulette is an amazing game that appeared many years ago. Nowadays, this is still a popular entertainment that is presented in all virtual casinos. Use the free mode, additional bonuses and win right now!

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