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Dream Catcher Strategy to Win

December 11, 2020 524 0
Dream Catcher Strategy to Win

In February 2017, Evolution Gaming finally launched its first Lucky Wheel game and provided online players with a unique and mobile device-friendly Wheel of Fortune, designed with versatility. Hosted by a live dealer, Dream Catcher retains the original feel of the classic wheel and introduces elements that target slot players and gambling enthusiasts.

Dream Catcher is one of the most popular casino games. You can easily bet on this game but betting on this game is sometimes difficult. It will be easier for you if you follow a few tricks. However, if you are really looking for a Dream Catcher Casino Plan that will help you beat the game.

Not all popular casino games are card based or focus on slot reels. If you check out the best online casinos and game portals today, you will find that the new generation of casino games are now available. Like the classic casino games that have basic rules but exciting features, the new generation of casino productions offer the same type of game with a few more features. A perfect example of this is Live Dream Catcher, a straightforward but exciting game developed by Evolution Gaming.

Let’s get to the main points.


Dream Catcher is a live casino game which is very easy to learn. This game is played using a wheel. This wheel has 52 segments, plus two multiplier segments worth 7X and 2X. All you have to do is just bet on the number you think the wheel is going to stop on. Also there is no need to memorize the payouts or anything.  The numbers directly match the odds.

So for example, if you place a winning wager on 7 you’ll be paid at 7/1. Yes it is that simple. Also if the wheel stops on the 2X or 7X multiplier segment, the wheel is spun again and all odds are increased by either 2X or 7X, depending on which multiplier it stopped on. Although on this bonus spin no new bets are allowed. For example if you placed a bet on 6 and the wheel stopped on 2X for the first spin and 6 for the second, your bet would pay out at odds of 12/1.

If the wheel stops on more than one multiplier in a row then you have to know that the odds are multiplied again. This can lead to very big payouts from a relatively small stake. So, adjusting the previous example if the wheel stops on 2X twice before landing on 6, the odds would increase to 24/1. Yes the possibilities are endless at EMPIRE777 of evolution gaming.


dream catcher strategy

First, we have to say that there isn’t a strategy that will guarantee you a win when playing Dream Catcher Live but there are three best strategies to increase your chances.

Betting strategies for Dream Catcher Live is about wheel coverage. So basically it is about how much of the wheel you will cover for an ex-amount of money. Here are few options for you, if you are looking for a specific betting strategy.


  1. Low risk

First, if you want to just lower your risk and have your bankroll last longer you can apply 20-10-2 strategy for more frequent wins. With 2 you cover 15 sections, 10 covers 4 and 20 covers 2. So in total you cover 21 sections out of 54. This means that you cover 38.88% of the wheel. For example if you bet as much on Number 2 as you bet in numbers 10 and 20 in total then, you get your bet back if it hits number 2, but you get good profit if it hits 10 or 20.

  1. Medium risk

After low-risk strategy, a medium-risk strategy is called “The Simple 5”. This strategy makes you aim at taking advantage of the number 5 cover 14 out of 54 sections on the wheel. This is a very simple betting strategy, where the risk is slightly higher than in low-risk strategy but then again the profit may be much bigger too.

  1. High risk

Last, there comes the higher-risk strategy. Which we call the "big risk-big win” strategy. This strategy is for people who enjoy reaping the big rewards when so called lady luck turns her gaze towards them. This strategy tells you to bet only on sections 20 and 40 of the wheel. They only cover 5.55% of the wheel but with the multipliers which we have already mentioned they can turn into a huge profit.


Betting in this game is very easy as is everything else in live casino games. You just decide which sector you think the wheel will stop on and then place your bet accordingly. After placing your bets you just have to wait for the wheel to stop. If the wheel stops in your chosen sector, you win your initial wager and also your bet is multiplied with the number in the sector you land on.


Statistic table for winning


Chance of Winning

1 (Yellow)


2 (Blue)


5 (Purple)


10 (Green)


20 (Orange)


40 (Red)


2x Multiplier


7x Multiplier



I guess now that you know how to win all you think about is playing this Dream Catcher Live right? But do you know where, which site you must start playing? Yes you guessed it right.

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