September 26, 2021

Online Casino Not Paying Out? How to Report Scam Online Casino Malaysia

how to report scam online casino malaysia

Scam online casinos in Malaysia are now more widespread than ever. If you're a Malaysian online gambler who's been recently scammed by blacklisted online casinos in Malaysia, then you need to report these penipu and kaki kencing!

How to Spot Malaysia Online Casino Scams?

There are signs that can tell if you're playing in a fake online casino in Malaysia. Most often, these fake scam online casino have already been blacklisted by many online gamblers and players, and have been reported in online casino forums.

Still, many are out and about. Even if you avoid them, a new scam online casino will pop out day in and day out. So it's important to know how to identify scam online casinos in Malaysia:

  • New Online Casino
  • Bad Slot Games, Casino Games
  • Unfair Wagering Requirements
  • No Encryption or HTTPS://
  • Won't let Players Withdraw their Winnings
  • Not Licensed or Regulated
  • Have Bad Reviews at Online Casino Forums
  • Have Online Casino Bonus Scams

How to Report Online Casino Scams in Malaysia?

There are 2 ways to file report a scam online casino. The first is you can file a complaint at an online casino forum, and second is you can take legal action.

1. File a Complaint at an Online Casino Forum

Scammed online casino players can file a complaint at an online casino forum in the hopes of warning other players.

There's no concrete way online casino forums can make the scam online casinos give back your money. But the next best thing you can do is submit a complaint so they can add it to their list of blacklisted online casinos in Malaysia.

There are a handful of Malaysia online casino forums where it's safe to submit your complaint. These are CASINOPUB and ASKGAMBLERS.

In CASINOPUB, players can submit a scam online casino to be included in their blacklist:

casinopub submit blacklist

Their forums are filled with complaints from players all over Malaysia and other Asian countries.

casinopub blacklisted online casino malaysia

How to Submit a Complaint in Online Casino Forum

  1. Put the name of the scam online casino
  2. Write about how you were scammed
    For ex: online casino not paying out or online casino won't let player withdraw their winnings
  3. Give proof of how the blacklisted online casino Malaysia scammed you
    For ex: Attach screencapture photos of your transaction in WeChat or Line
  4. Submit your Complaint
  5. Wait for the Online Casino Forum to Review your Complaint

See your complaint post get approved and the scam online casino name get added in the list of the Blacklisted Online Casinos in Malaysia.

2. File Legal Action

legal action against scam online casino malaysia

But it will be difficult to take legal action against a scam online casino due to Malaysia's complicated online gambling laws.

Strictly speaking, Malaysia has no specific laws against or for online gambling in Malaysia.
This can be a good thing when you're a player. The government can't put you in jail for online gambling because there's no law saying that it's illegal.

It's only illegal if it's a traditional land-based casino that's not regulated by the government of Malaysia. As of 2019, the only legal casino in Malaysia is Resorts World Genting or Genting Highlands Malaysia.

But it can be a bad thing if you got scammed by a blacklisted online casino in Malaysia. It can't protect you because it doesn't even recognize online casinos as legal in the first place.

But if you still want to try, here's how to take legal action against an online casino:


Contact the Online Casino

As much as possible, settle the dispute first with the Malaysia online casino. Sometimes the Malaysia online casino you're playing in is actually a trusted online casino. Player might have violated the online casino's terms and conditions, which is why they're not letting you withdraw the money in your account.

Get a Specialist Lawyer

Get a lawyer that specializes on online casinos. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to file a legal complaint against a fake online casino because they can disappear without a trace. Most of the time, the online casino can be based in different country from where the player is. For example, 918Kiss is from Malaysia but they also have Thailand players. But if you can see that the scam online casino is connected with gambling jurisdictions Malta or Gibraltar, you can have your lawyer contact that country. Just know that it will be more expensive.

Get Prepared for a Settlement

Sometimes even if your claim is legitimate--you really were scammed or dealt with unfairly by the online casino--they will still make you agree to a settlement outside the courtroom. This is cheaper and won't eat up too much of your time. It's better for both parties. You get compensation, and the online casino gets peace of mind. They might even maintain their good reputation. Of course, you can only do this with legal online casinos because scam online casinos won't leave a trace, or even talk to you at all.

Go to Court

But if you don't agree to the settlement since you feel like the online casino should really get their proper punishment, then you should be prepared to go to court. This all sounds tiring. Don't worry, there's ways to avoid Malaysia blacklisted online casinos.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scam in Malaysia

1. Check the Online Casino Reviews before you Register and Deposit Money

2. If it's a New Online Casino in Malaysia, Think Twice

3. Play at Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia like EMPIRE777 Casino

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