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7 Pro Tips You Need to Effectively Hack 918Kiss (UPDATED!)

918Kiss is an online casino provider popular in Malaysia

You know How to Hack 918Kiss SCR888 using 918Kiss Hack APK Software, now we give you 7 PRO TIPS for a successful hack! 

What is 918Kiss SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia?

918Kiss is one example of an Online Casino in Malaysia. 918Kiss is most famous in Malaysia but also has players from Singapore, Thailand, and other neighboring Asian countries.

Another more Trusted Online CAsino Malaysia is EMPIRE777 -- they offer slot games and more to Asian Players!

Empire777 is an online casino popular amongst Malaysians

918Kiss is the new name of SCR888. They are famous for their slot games such as Monkey Thunderbolt, Great Blue, and many others.

Recently, 918Kiss slot games have become the target of online casino hackers by 918Kiss hack scanner software.

Cara Hack 918Kiss 2019?

Hackers from the internet offer 918Kiss hack apk download in exchange for money. This software hacks 918Kiss SCR888 through a process called "scanning".

Basically, you install said software onto your phone, which then scans 918Kiss’slot games. It identifies which specific games can offer the highest probability of winning the highest payout possible

In this video, a YouTuber shows how he do the SCR888 hack using the scanning method:

Malaysian YouTuber hacks 918Kiss


In the picture above, you can see the hacking software in the process of 'scanning' 918Kiss app for which games have the highest chances of winning.

The hacking software then reveals the Top 3 Games with High-Win Percentage:

Malaysian YouTuber shows top 3 slot games in 918Kiss with highest payout

This time, the 3 games with the highest chances of winning big payouts are Ocean Paradise (92%), Tally Ho (91%), and Wild Fox (90%).

Why hack 918Kiss slot games this way? That's because slot machines change slots using RNGs or Random Number Generators.

RNGs are hard to predict--casinos can't influence it, nor can the players. But it's run based on an algorithm that, nevertheless, can still be compromised and extracted.

Although, there is another but less famous way to hack 918Kiss slot games which do not involve 'scanning'.

In a YouTube tutorial video, Wechat user Engineer918 hacks the online casino by installing an app that influences the RNG's algorithm.

In this way, you can pick whatever slot game you want to play, and the hacking software changes the generation of random slots that will, in turn, give you favorable chances of winning.


In this way, you can pick whatever slot game you want to play, and the hacking software changes the generation of random slots that will in turn give you favorable chances of winning. 

Though hacking online casinos is illegal, there are handy tips you should know if you do intend on doing the deed.

7 PRO Tips to Hack 918Kiss SCR888 and Win Real Money

1. Pick the Right 918Kiss Hack APK Software

Be careful in picking the right software. Downloading unrecognized apps from the internet generally poses a threat to your privacy and data security. In various 918Kiss hack tutorials, the process always involves the user enabling the downloading of foreign applications or software. Such software is usually restricted due to the many incidents of them bringing with their malware and viruses.

Remember, you're the one doing the hacking. You're not supposed to be the one who ends up getting hacked.

2. Negotiate for the Right Price

Once you download the hacking software, you will usually need to message the hacker in WeChat or Whatsapp to get a product key. You need this product key in order to be able to use the software. Sometimes this means extending the time of allowed usage of the hacking software. Think of it as something like buying the product after trying the trial version.

Make sure you will put in safety mechanisms that will ensure that the hacker will not fool you into paying more than it should cost.

3. Slot Games with Highest Chance of Winning Real Money

If you're doing the 'scanning' method of hacking, always pick the game with a 50% chance or more of winning with the highest probability and highest payout. If you pick any game that has less than 50%, playing the game will essentially be useless. You won't win anything--and worse, you will spend money-spinning and betting.

For first-time beginners, it's advisable to pick 90% and above for your first 3 games. This ensures that your startup play will sail smoothly.

4. Let it Autospin

It's best to play through auto-spin or autoplay. This is because clicking the spin manually every round has a completely different algorithm compared to the algorithm that a hacking software would pick up when scanning the platform.

Manually spinning would mess up the sequencing of the random generation, not exactly favorable for hackers out for the promise of money.

5. Don't Increase your Bet Amount

Do not raise the bet! Don't get greedy. Raising the bet only raises risks for your success.

Remember, the hacking software only gives the percentage of the probability of winning with the highest payout. This means that it's based on probability, which means it's not set in stone. Since there is no assurance, limit yourself to the ample amount of money you wish to bet that will keep your pockets secure. Just enough to ensure you get something home when you win, but not enough that it will drive your balance to negative.

6. If you Win, Just Find Another Slot Game!

Let's say you picked the game Great Blue because, according to your scan, it has a 91% chance of winning with the highest probability.

You play the game and voila! You win a great amount of money!

This is important to note: !!! Never play the same game twice !!!

If you have already won in one game, do the scan again and play another different slot game.

This is because of the RNG's algorithm changes constantly, so the percentage of Great Blue might not be 91% chance anymore, but even less.

7. Check your Internet Connection

Lastly, always make sure your internet connection is not only fast but stable.

This is basically because the scanning will not be as successful in determining the percentage if there is no secure internet connection.


Now you know the Pro Tips you need to hack 918Kiss! Make sure that you protect yourself against scammers when hacking, and always make sure you note the tips given in order to WIN REAL MONEY!

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