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How to Win the Bad Beat Jackpot in Poker?

Badbeat jackpot poker

Poker is a very popular game all around the world. You may know it from online casinos and international tournaments but it was famous even before the age of the internet. The game was invented in the 18th century. Since then, it has been gathering popularity all around the world. We are yet to see its peak of popularity.

Poker is mainly popular because of its social opportunities. Before the internet, a bunch of people used to sit around a table with a deck of cards and play poker. The stakes used to be below. Rather than focusing on winning, the game was about socializing. People used to share one or two war stories on the table and make new friends while showing their skills. Then when the game got too popular and made it into the casinos, new rules got into it, including high stakes and poker jackpots.

Now in the age of the internet, poker has entered another level of entertainment. It is more of a competitive sport now rather than a game about socializing. Now you have different servers like poker online Malaysia. These poker online Malaysia servers are dedicated to bringing safe platforms for poker players all around the world. This poker online Malaysia servers host many international tournaments and give away poker jackpots. One of the most popular poker jackpots is the bad beat jackpot. Today we will introduce you to this demanding poker jackpot and show you how to win it.

What is the bad beat jackpot?

The bad beat jackpot poker can be considered the biggest poker jackpot. It is hard to ignore. Just like that, it is also very hard to win both live and online. The chances of you winning the bad beat poker jackpot in any poker game is near zero but not impossible. Research shows that the odds of any poker player (newcomer or expert) winning the bad beat poker jackpot is 1 in every 42,391 rounds. That is for live poker. For online poker, it is 1 in every 192,678 rounds of poker. Why such a low winning rate? It is because of the competition and the way a bad beat is won.

The reward of a bad beat is divided into three different portions. 50%, 25% and 25%.

The requirement for you to be qualified for a bad beat jackpot is quite simple. But as it is a simple trick for such a big price, everyone runs towards it and you have to compete against all of them to win the bad beat jackpot. So do not feel bad for yourself for never winning a bad beat jackpot poker. Even expert poker players can’t win this one with their skills. It is pure luck that can win you this poker jackpot. But we cannot always leave things on luck. That being said, let us look at the requirements for winning a bad beat jackpot.

How to win the bad beat jackpot poker

How to win the bad beat jackpot poker?

Winning a bad beat poker jackpot is very different from other jackpots. The reward of the bad beat jackpot is divided into three portions. 50%, 25% and 25%. The weird part about is that the loser of the bad beat will get the 50%. The winner will get 25% and the rest 25% is divided equally among the other players. So, the loser of the bad beat is getting the most money. So, what are you referring to winning the bad beat? Getting 50% (be a loser) or getting 25% (be a winner)? We leave that judgment on you but for this article, we will assume that the losers get 50% and the winner 25%.

Now let us see how it works. Assume there is only one poker table. Each player will contribute $1 for each hand dealt. Let's assume that there are a total of 50,000 hands dealt on the table. So the prize pool is $50,000. Now the bad beat is held and the loser will get $25,000. The winner gets $15000 and the rest is divided among the other players.

How exactly do we determine the winner of a bad beat? The bad beat is held on the last hand of the poker table where each player has two cards. A player will bet against the strongest or appear to be a strong player on the table. This is how the bad beat starts. If the strong player makes a poor call, he/ she gets beaten by the weak hands thus it is called a bad beat. So, the strong player loses and gets 50% and the weak player wins and gets 25%. The rest of the players equally divide the other 25% among them.

Who loses money in a bad beat?

It is stated that everyone gets a share of the bad beat prize pool. The loser 50%, the winner 25%, and the rest 25% is divided to the other players. Does that mean everyone is getting money from a bad beat jackpot? Yes and no. The prize poll of a bad beat is the money of the players, not the money of the casino. Generally, each player pays $1 for each hand dealt. That is how the bad beat jackpot is funded. Suppose, the table has 5 players and the total number of hands dealt is 50000. So on average, every player contributed $10000 for the bad beat jackpot and the prize of the bad beat is $50,000. So, if they are the party that gets to divide the rest 25% among them, their net gain will be, 25% of $50,000 = $12500 divided among 8 players (subtracting winner and loser). So, they each get $1562.5. Their initial gain is $1526.5-10,000= -$8437.5. So, they have lost $8437.5.


So honestly speaking, being a winner of the bad beat jackpot is a very rare event (1 in almost every 50000 rounds). So do not get frustrated. Rather try to be in the winner or loser party of a bad beat. Don't be a bystander because you will lose a lot.

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