Pai Gow - One of the oldest casino games that’s still exist

pai gow

Pai gow is one of the oldest casino games that is being played on physical and online casinos. It's the same with pai gow poker (the American version), which is played using domino tiles.

This game is not an easy one for beginners, as it is unordinary when it comes to scoring and other gaming rule factors. This article will help you understand the game more, though, if you have any trouble in understanding the game, try to ask someone who already played this game before.


Rules of the game

Every player has two hands, two dominos for each hand, simply four dominos out of an arrangement of 32; the dealer is additionally given four dominos. All dominos are given face down, however, players may look at their own dominos. Influence two hands to beat each of two dealer hands.

Every player should organize their dominos into two hands of two dominos each. In pai gow poker, the player must make a high hand and a low hand. The scoring of hands in pai gow is to a great degree complex, particularly for new players.

Online pai gow games for cash are rare, as the game is not being offered on all casinos. In any chance that you do discover a casino that is offering this game, play with a standard 5% commission.


Pai Gow Strategy

Whenever you look at four dominoes with which to make two pai gow hands, there are at most three hands you can make. Planning to play a method that plays most or all your hands accurately is not a good idea, because the same number of choices will be close. The hardest choices to make for the most game come down to picking between making one strong solid hand, and one exceptionally weak hand, or making two reasonably solid hands.

If both hands are very good combination, your hand will be a difficult decision; though if both hands are weak, you will be stuck in an unfortunate situation; regardless of what you do, there’s a bigger chance for you to lose.



If you play by the house way, the house edge as a player in pai gow is around 2.37%, however, that figure can shift by chance, depending on what kind of technique your casino uses to play the game. In any case, if you used the techniques and methods above, you can really lessen that edge to lose about 1.90%.

As the banker, the house edge is around 0.46% when the game used the house way technique, which is normally required. Though, if you are permitted to use your method, you lean toward the banker, at that point, it is conceivable to chop this edge down altogether; the house edge would be 0.10% if you try the methods and procedures listed above. An ideal technique would really bring about a little edge for a banker, even after the 5% commission!

Chances are, upon the correct methods and techniques used by the banker and the player, the level of pushes will commonly run from about 40.5% to 41.5%.

Again, as every gambling article always notes, gambling is a game of chance and luck. You always have to feel if you’re being lucky or not. You don’t want to lose more than what you earn. Play moderately!

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