5 Online Casino Tips not Everyone Knows (But Should!)

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If you're just now getting into gambling online and want to win real money, chances are you'll need really useful online casino tips.

There are a handful of things you need to know about gambling online if you want to make real money. Like everything in the world, not all good things come for free.

5 Online Gambling Tips Not Everyone Knows (But Should!) this 2019

1. An Online Casino that Won't Let You Withdraw your Winnings is NOT a Scam

The Usual Online Gambling Situation

You'll see players complaining about scam online casinos all over the internet, especially on forums.

The story is more or less the same. 

The player will deposit money into their account, play some games like online slots or Live Casino. 

They will win a big prize and want to withdraw their winnings. The only problem is that the casino won't. 

They can do all kinds of things to make it hard for players to withdraw their money.


What Online Casino Tips Everyone Knows

This is actually one sign that the online casino you're playing in is a scam or blacklisted casino. Avoid making any more deposits, or playing their casino games at all costs!

What Online Casino Tips Not Everyone Knows

Not all casinos that stop you from withdrawing your winnings is a scam online casino.

Why not Everyone Knows about these Online Gambling Tips

It's a little-known fact, but not all players are perfect. People usually think that "the customer is always right". But that is not the case for gambling online.


The player could have done something wrong like violated a casino bonus' terms & conditions. That's the reason why the casino is withholding their winnings.

2. Be Careful with Online Casino Agents

The Usual Online Gambling Situation

Online casino Malaysia like 918Kiss or SCR888 use casino agents to recruit and make an account for their players.

So, if you want to play, you have to talk with a casino agent.

What Online Gambling Tip Everyone Knows

Everyone knows that there are Kaki Kencing scam online casinos in Malaysia.

What Online Casino Tips Not Everyone Knows

The online casino agents can also be scammers.

Why not Everyone Knows about this Online Gambling Tip

It's easy to blame everything on the casino. 

But what the third party (casino agents) does is out of their hands. 

For example, 918Kiss or SCR888's "scammer" rumor. 

Other players thought that 918Kiss/SCR888 was scamming people. But it turns out casino agents were only using the 918Kiss/SCR888 branding to attract players and then steal their money.


Be careful with casinos online that use casino agents. Sign up instead with a trusted online casino Malaysia that allows you to register on your own, like EMPIRE777 Casino.

3. A High Wagering Requirement Doesn't Mean a High Rollover

The Usual Online Gambling Situation

Thanks to bonus hunting and bonus abuse, a lot of casinos online have increased their wagering requirements.

What Online Casino Tips Everyone Knows

Everyone knows that there are Kaki Kencing scam online casino Malaysia.

What Online Casino Tips Not Everyone Knows

A high wagering requirement doesn't mean you're at the losing end of the bargain.

There's a difference between:

  •  High Wagering Requirement + Low Rollover
  •  High Wagering Requirement + High Rollover



Other Online Casinos

- Counts wagering for all games.

- Counts wagering for only some games. Games such as baccarat, roulette will not be counted for wagering requirement.

- With a deposit of MYR 100, wagering requirement is x30

- With a deposit of MYR 100, wagering requirement is x 18

MYR 100 + (MYR 100 x 30) = MYR 3,100

(MYR 100 + MYR 100) x 18 = MYR 3,600

- Wagering requirement is high but rollover is low.

- Wagering requirement is low but rollover is high.

Why not Everyone Knows about this Online Gambling Tip

Either not everyone knows this difference, or don't tell this to players for marketing tactics.


Before thinking that the casino bonus wagering requirements are too high, calculate if there will be a high or low rollover first.

If you're interested in a good casino bonus then check out EMPIRE777 Casino's 100% Welcome Bonus (moderate wagering requirements and a low rollover).


4. Being Loyal to Trusted Online Casinos Matter

The Usual Online Gambling Situation

Others say that playing too much online casino will get you addicted.

What Online Gambling Tip Everyone Knows

If you're going to gamble, make sure it's within your budget. Set a limit to how much you will spend in your bankroll. If you've used it all up, then you should stop playing.

What Online Gambling Tip Not Everyone Knows

Being a loyal casino player pays off.

Gambling addiction doesn't start just because you play all the time.

There are deeper reasons as to why people become addicted to gambling, and then waste all their money.

Not everyone knows that Trusted Online Casino Malaysia like EMPIRE777 are committed to Responsible Gaming. After all, it's required for safe and licensed online casino malaysia to make sure that their players are not in danger of developing a gambling addiction.

Another Online Gambling Tip not Everyone Knows:

Online casino Malaysia hopping is not beneficial, staying in one online casino and being a loyal player pays off.

Top online casino Malaysia like EMPIRE777 also have topnotch VIP Programs that give online gamblers the best benefits and exclusive bonuses and deals.


Playing and sticking to one online casino pays off in the end.

5. Basic Strategies are Still the Most Effective Strategies

The Usual Online Gambling Situation

There are a lot of complicated strategies and systems, and even hacking software that promises online gamblers wins and lots of prizes.

What Online Gambling Tip Everyone Knows

Not every strategy can be used since it depends on what type of player you are. There's also no such thing as a real hacking software that lets players cheat online casinos.

What Online Gambling Tip Not Everyone Knows

The most basic strategies are still the most effective strategies! Yes, they are simple, but they are repeatedly used because they do work.

These include:

  • Knowing the odds to each game
  • Keeping track of your wins (this is useful especially in Blackjack)
  • Betting Systems are for High Rollers with Large Bankrolls
  • Betting bigger amounts increase the chances of winning
  • Online Casino Bonuses like Free Credit or Free Cash are incredibly useful

Why not Everyone Knows about this Online Gambling Tip

A lot of people want to come off as experts, giving online gambling tips that are complicated and 'deep'. But not every complicated online gambling tip is a good thing.


Stick to the most basic gambling strategies, they make the most sense and they're easy to follow for beginners like you.

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