December 06, 2021

Online Gambling in Malaysia

online gambling malaysia

Like other articles about gambling in Malaysia, you will read one thing in common; it is illegal to play online casino. Why? Because it is a Muslim country and gambling is prohibited on their religious beliefs.

Though because a country needs to grow economically, one casino is built in Malaysia – The Genting Highland Casino. It is the only legal casino in the whole country. Other than that, small casinos and even small clubs that offers slot machines or has one gambling table (like Game Ikan or Fish Shooting Arcade) is arrested or being punished by closing its establishment.

Although online gambling or online casino is technically illegal in Malaysia, it's not clear if patronizing a gambling site is illegal. The only written law regarding the legality of gambling in Malaysia is the physical establishments, but nothing written about online casinos. But just to be safe, hosting an online casino in the country is not open. Because of this law, online casinos that wants to acquire Malaysian players open a gambling sites hosted in casino legal countries and just welcomes Malaysian players.

One of the reasons why hosting online gambling in Malaysia is hard is because of money transfers. Banks in Malaysia is very aware that it is prohibited to transfer casino moneys, unless it is form the Genting Casino.

So in time, if you visited this country and you want to make online gambling your past time, don’t enter Malaysian based casinos. It’s either you’ll just risking your security of fraud, or you’ll just be disappointed because you will not be able to get your winnings.

The answer is an offshore gambling site that caters Malaysian players like EMPIRE777 - it’s not just legal, it is also a secure gambling site. Be sure that your financial details will not be visible to anyone.


Betting Legalities

As a result of country-wide gambling ban through casino, it’s not a surprise that other means of betting flowed through other ways.

Certain forms of gambling are legal in the country. Like betting or purchasing lottery tickets. Malaysia allows lotteries to be run. Another betting game allowed is the Racing Act. It permits betting on horse racing, though it should only allowed at physical racing tracks. Other that those two, all gambling works should be done inside the Genting Highland Casino.

One of the enemies of the gambling act is the online hubs all over the country. Since Malaysia has become more and techier, it is a necessity of the country to allow computer shops. Though, it is not the hub’s fault if their computers are being used by online casino players. They have the right to protect their customer’s privacy. Once they sit in front of the computer, it’s their own prerogative to do what they want, play, watch, etc.


Other forms of betting in Malaysia

Again, because people are smart, they see opportunities in every bad situation. In this case, since betting is mostly being monitored through races, lottery, and casinos. Game betting has become one of the most popular thing in Malaysia.

The game Badminton is probably the sport they had most success in, although football is the most popular game in the country. They see an open opportunity to use these games as a betting option. People often bet who will win the game or how much point a team is going to have, or even guessing and putting a bet on the final winning score – sometimes, even guessing the losing score and betting on it too.


Gambling Events

Domestic Super League is among the competitions in the Malaysian sports that is being followed, Malaysia is known for hosting two popular motorsports events; both the Formula One Grand Prix and the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships. It is seen as another way to play bets.

Among the list of what to bet are:

  • Winning number, example; who will comes first, second, and third.
  • Who will win
  • Time of winning laps


Future of Gambling in Malaysia

Even with a country-wide ban and law regarding gambling, Malaysia cannot prevent people to bet using other methods. This is why legalizing gambling is still a hot discussion among law authorities. Since they already allowed one major casino in the country and allowed races and lottery, maybe in time, they’ll take off major bans for other betting game too. We’ll never can tell.

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