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Malaysian Mobile Games on the Rise in 2020

The Malaysian mobile games market is growing year by year. In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing in the whole of Southeast Asia.

In 2014 alone, total mobile game revenues have reached close to $97 million making it the second-highest in all of the region. In 2017, it shot up to $242 million in total mobile games revenue!

So it's no secret that Malaysians love their mobile phones, and they love what they can do with them too. Malaysian mobile games have been gaining popularity, whether it be free for play or online casino games that pay real money.

What type of Mobile Games do Malaysians like?

According to a study by AppLift, the top game genre for Malaysian mobile games is Strategy at 36%, followed by Race Games at 30%, Action Adventure at 21%, and Simulation and Puzzles respectively both at 17%.

Top 5 Genres in Malaysian mobile games

The Era of Online Casino Games

Following this statistic, it then makes sense why online casino games like table games and slot games are so popular with the Malaysian population. It's a good thing that Trusted Online Casinos like EMPIRE777 provide players with quality strategic and puzzle games through mobile casino games that also pay real money.

Still, fighting games like PUBG, Mobile Legends, and Ragnarok continue to dominate the Malaysian mobile games scene.

In fact, MMORPG (or online role-playing games which include a group of people all playing at the same time) has always been a Malaysian gaming favorite.

But what new mobile games should our Southeast Asian friend's lookout for this 2020?

Take a look at our list and see which ones you'll be excited about the most!

1. Call of Duty Mobile

The famous video game is now available on mobile! Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game. Call of Duty is a cult-classic video game that everyone has, at one time in their lives, played with their friends.

Now, you can experience the same shooting gameplay experience on portable smartphones. It can accommodate up to 5 multiplayer modes: Free-for-All, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination.

The release of this mobile game is timely since it also features a battle royale mode. The battle royale mode features many gamers in one match, all fighting to eliminate their opponents until they're the only ones left. This type of game, the Battle Royale Mode, is currently one of the top genres for gaming in general (thanks to the rise of PUBG and Fortnite).

Call of Duty: Mobile can support up to 100 players in their battle royale mode. Players can pick what roles they want to play. There's Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Medic, and Ninja--each of which has its own ability and class skill.

2. Purrfect Pets

Our next is a mobile casino game from game providers Realtime Gaming. Purrfect Pets is a cute animal-themed slot game that features the most adorable cats and dogs! This is another breed of Malaysian mobile games whose defining feature is that they pay real money

Purrfect Pets is a real money game that has 5 reels, 25 pay lines, and a high RTP of 97%. There are bonus features like free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols, instant wins, and more. With each spin, players can either get a cat which is the wild symbol, or the dog which is a scatter symbol that's multiplied by the total bet.

Oh, and did we say that Purrfect Pets has a progressive jackpot? Because it does. Players can even play to win this progressive jackpot. Take a look at some of the games other features:

Purrfect Pets slot game features empire777

Purrfect Pets slot game features empire777

3. Mario Kart Tour

The next real money game on our list is classic as classic can get! Mario Kart Tour is a mobile racing game featuring characters from Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers (or simply Mario) Series. It's a mobile variation of the more recent Mario Kart games, which is an offshoot from said game series. It features simple gameplay using only simple controls like 'go' and 'stop', and offers up to 30 playable characters. There are also 20 different 'karts' or cars to choose from, and 10 variations of awesome gliders.

Compete in cups and races while you earn Grand Starts if you finish a whole race! This can get you free gifts like emerald gems that can be used to unlock important collectibles and equipment. 

We know, you can't wait to play this classic game once more! And now in your mobile phone instead of a small Gameboy advance!

4. Spectra


If you're looking for something dynamic and retro, then Spectra is the Malaysian mobile game for you. Game providers developed Spectra for Malaysian players who appreciate neon light show designs with their slot games. Basically, it has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 30 fixed pay lines. It plays straightforward enough too. You set your bets in and spin to your heart's content.

Spectra online slot game empire777

Watch the colors change along with the symbols that you get! Watch your 'W' wild symbols stack up on top of each other and get wild re-spins and wild nudges! Win as many MYR as you can with this creative futuristic slot game that is Spectra. This is a real money game you can earn high winnings with. Believe it!

5. Lucky Pirates

Lastly, this new up-and-coming mobile casino game from Playson is a pirate-themed adventure slot game! Lucky Pirates is a fruit machine with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. Players can win as much as 100, 000 golden doubloons with each spin! This is a real money game that can get you big payouts.

Staying truthful to the classic slot machine style, Lucky Pirates only features a simple wild and scatter symbol. But fear not since these bonus features are enough for a fun game with high winnings! If you need any more reassurance, this game has a high-end RTP of 97%. 

Still, if you're looking for a nice twist to your gaming, you can boost your wins in a game of double or nothing. That's a pretty daring but exciting gamble. 

Get symbols of fruits wearing pirate clothing that all have their own multipliers. You can get big winnings if you combine matching symbols in three, four, or five in a row. That's on top of the 9 pay lines too. All you have to do is get them in the right reels (2,3, and 4 to be specific). 

Where to Play these Malaysian Mobile Games?


You can play all these games on your mobile or smartphone, whether it be android or iOS. Usually, companies release them across all OS systems so all players can play and enjoy them. 

But if you want to know where to play all the slot games mentioned above, then you're in luck. SIGN UP NOW at Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777 and you can play for real money. EMPIRE777 is a top online casino with more than thousands of online casino slot games--they have various real money games. And the good news? It's on mobile! No need to download it. If you register now, you can even get a 100% Welcome Bonus or RM30 Free Credit Bonus. So, what are you waiting for? Play now!

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