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Pro gamblers says that Crap is one of the easiest and most simple casino games, whether offline or online. Well, that’s because they already know every ins and outs of the game. But for new players, playing this game is a headache. Especially if they don’t follow what everyone is talking about. Our advice, play it online first before playing it on the real world. Why? Because playing it online will make it easier for you to understand it, as you’ll just go with the programs flow.

Just in case you don’t like playing the game without understanding it, here are some of the basic terms and gameplay you have to know. Once this things are already embedded on your mind, the rest will just simply follow.


Winning and Losing numbers

Numbers 7 & 11 = Win

12, 13, & 2 = Lose


Game Terminologies



Boxman = this is the supervisor who stash all cash in the game

Stickman = the one pushing the dice around the table using a stick, he controls the phase of the game

Dealers = they manage all the bets within the game



Passline = this is where bets are placed when you play with the shooter’s side

Don’t Pass Bar = players who place their bets here are playing against the shooter

Come & Don’t Come = place for bets but can only be used on a later part of the game

Field = this is used for one-roll bets between the numbers 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12.



Craps = 2, 3, or 12

Yoleven = 11

C & E = 11

Snake Eyes = two 1s (each dice’s result is the number 1)

Boxcars = two number 6

Little Joe = 4

Jimmy Hicks = 6

Skate & donate = 8

Skinny Dugan = loser 7

Center Field = 9 (it is the number on the center of the table)

Puppy paws = two number 5

Hard 10 = two number 5

Natural Winner = numbers 7 or 11 (on come out roll)

Come out roll = the very first roll of the shooter for every game


Playing Craps

First thing you have to know when playing craps is the rotation. No one could put a bet anywhere until the shooter puts his bet first.

If the come out roll result is 7 or 11, all bets on the passline won and the don’t pass lose. But if the come out roll result is 2, 3, or 12, all bets on the don’t pass won, and bets on the passline lose – this is called craps. If the shooter rolls other number from the said ones, it becomes a point for every bet on that turn.


Odds bet

This is term used for additional bets. After the shooter rolls out a point, you can place another bet on different place. Like for example, you already placed a bet on the passline, if the roll result is points, you have the opportunity to place an additional bet on the opposite line which is the don’t pass.

Odd bets can be touched anytime. You can decrease, increase, or even remove it anytime you want. Depends on your gut.

No matter how simple this explanation was, in order for you to win a fast phase is to learn more about the game. Any casino games need to be learned before playing. It is where the confidence of winning comes from, by totally understanding (as they say) every side of the dice.

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