September 26, 2021

Is 918Kiss a Scam? Here are other Online Casino Alternatives

918Kiss a scam?

918Kiss, the new re-branded version of SCR888, is an online casino provider available on a mobile platform. It's very popular among gamblers from Malaysia, and even Singapore and Brunei. Their most popular casino products are their slot games, with classic slots like the Great Blue, Highway Kings, Captain's Treasure, and more.

918Kiss has been on the hot seat for quite some time now. Many have been trying to hack their app that you can download through APK, and a lot of casino players in various forums claim that they have been scammed by this online casino provider. 

918Kiss thread scam

Given how famous they are in the Asian gambling market, it then begs the question. Is 918Kiss a scam? Should online casino players start blacklisting this provider? Continue reading below and find out! 

Is 918Kiss a Scam or Not?

If you lurk in enough casino forums and websites, you will see many gamblers and players commenting on their good reviews or complaints about online casinos and sportsbooks.

But with the sudden rise of fraudulent online casinos out to get players' money, there have also been more threads about casino players complaining about online casino scammers.

Is 918Kiss Scamming Their Players?

Take, for example, this thread in

Word of SCR888 or 918Kiss being an online casino scam is going around.

There have also been reports of 918Kiss or SCR888 scamming players of their winnings, not letting them withdraw their money. But this isn't to say that the official 918Kiss is doing it.

Sometimes, fake online casinos just use the name of the well-known casinos to target clueless players. This isn't uncommon since it's how fake online casinos have been scamming their players since forever.

Example of blacklisted SCR888-related Casinos:

So then, is it true? Is 918Kiss a scam? 

The simple answer is no. But there have also been other cases of online casino agents from 918Kiss who do the scamming on the players

What are Online Casino Agents?

But first, what are online casino agents? 

Online Casino Agents or Online Gambling Agents are third-party people hired by the online casino to officially handle and manage the transactions of the players. They are dealers, and are sometimes known as 'bookies'. Basically, they make sure that their players win as much money as possible through gambling.

918Kiss Agents Scamming Players

In 918Kiss' case, some of its agents have been using their names and games to scam unknowing players. They act on behalf of popular online casinos and cheat gamblers of their winnings by not letting them withdraw or taking their information.

There are well-documented posts and blogs on the internet and in forums of victims warning other players of the blacklisted online casino agents.

What are other Online Casino Alternatives?

So if all of that is true, then what could online casino players possibly do to avoid these kinds of schemes?

Since you now know the official answer to whether or not 918Kiss is a scam--which is no--is it still safe to play there?

Technically, yes. But it will be better to avoid anything 918Kiss or SCR888-related for better safety.

Instead, players can try other top online casinos in Asia that are also well-known and trusted.

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No History of Scamming

What's best about playing in this trusted online casino is that it has no history of scamming! Not with other websites of similar domain names, or any suspicious gambling or casino agents.

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