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7 Tips to Identify Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia - Part 2

Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia


Recently, we published an article detailing how to identify trusted online casinos in Malaysia. Why? Because fake or fraudulent online casinos have been more rampant than ever. Hundreds if not thousands of trusted online casino players have already become victims to these scammers, soliciting money in the guise of deposit money and withholding winnings for nonsense reasons. There have been massive surges of complaints online, so much so that gambling forums and gambling websites have even started to create forms where players can file their complaints in an orderly, centralized fashion. Malaysian players can save themselves from these 'online casino scammers' by looking at blacklisted lists, informing oneself self of how to identify blacklisted online casinos and scam sites, and reading up on tips on how to tell if a trusted online casino is legit.

We've already highlighted most initial tips, which include checking for licenses, reviews, existing terms and conditions, customer support, and bonus policies. However, these are very general and may not give specific enough information that will help in the player's hunt for trusted online casinos in Malaysia. That is why we created another article listing down 7 specific tips to identify the best online casino and trusted online casino in Malaysia - Part 2!


7 Additional Tips to Identify Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia

1. The Games must be Good

Empire777 good online casino slot games

EMPIRE777 Casino has a good collection of diverse slot games with high RTP.

Top online casino Malaysia like EMPIRE777 Casino has a good collection of diverse slot games with high RTP. Legitimate and certified top online casino Malaysia will always have legitimate and certified games. These games are always provided by only the most trusted top game software developers, who spend ample time developing and quality-testing all their games. Their games are not rigged to make the players lose, and they have smooth and clean interfaces.

Their codes are also always clean. Players can check for the codes either through Adobe Flash Player Settings, Viewing Information about the Frame, and Choosing the "View Code" Options.


Adobe Flash Player

Click the right side of the mouse button to see the Adobe Flash Player Settings. The dropped-down window will reveal the address of the management server. If the slot game is licensed, you will see a certain server address.

DISCLAIMER: This does not work for every browser. If you are one of these, you can proceed with the next methods. 


View Frame Information

Again, right-click your mouse button and then check the server information from the frame information. If you choose Frame Information, a window will show the management server.

If this still doesn't work, you can do one last method listed below.


"View Code"

888 Empire provided by Pragmatic Play in EMPIRE777

Slot Game 888 Empire's game software provider Pragmatic Play can be seen when you view code on the online casino EMPIRE777 Casino.

Right-click the mouse, then click the view code option. Type CTRL + F and type the casino or the game developer's name. If the slot game is legit, then it will show up in your searches. 

Sometimes you can even check the games if they're original ones at a superficial level. Check the gameplay and graphics. Real online slot games very rarely lag, and their spins are always smooth. Their graphics and design are well-made and appealing. Their animations also move at a smooth pace. 

 You can also search for the best online casino slot games reviews, and if there are enough reviews, then they are usually real casino games.


2. Mobile Casino Safety

Some online casinos like 918Kiss or SCR888 require that their software be downloaded first before their games can be played. This opens up a whole basket of problems, since downloading unknown software can open your devices to any malware that can steal your important personal information, hack your device and bring unwanted viruses.

Albeit there are lots of safe mobile casinos, players must still do a bit of manual detective work on their own, researching.

Here is a checklist if you want to know just how safe your mobile top online casino Malaysia really is:

✓ Licenses
✓ Encryption
✓ Banking
✓ Random Number Generators

Most of these have already been tackled by our previous article save for the Random Number Generators (RNGs). When you play slot games, these are the algorithm that coders usually use to generate the symbols that appear whenever you click spin. It safely generates numbers that are completely random, making it manipulation-free and safe for the players. Not even the best online casino can decide what symbols will pop up on your reels. The safe mobile best online casino will have top companies develop their slot games' RNGs.

Another important thing you can do to make sure your mobile devices are safe from pesky malware is to download anti-virus software that protects them from unsafe online entities.

Lastly, always check your internet connection, especially if you are connected to Public Wi-Fi. Never give away information if you are connected to unsecured internet connections like said Public Wi-Fi and even Free Wi-Fi. You are not sure if they are not monitoring your activities whilst connected to their connection.


3. Look for Encryption Technology

Safe and Trusted Online Casino uses encryption software to protect your personal financial information and even private information such as your full name, home address, IP Address, etc. This is embedded in the very forms that you are asked to fill in when depositing or withdrawing winnings.

One of these examples is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TSL). These are modern cryptology which is digital encryption that ensures the safety and security of all private information.

Only the legitimate and secure top online casino Malaysia would go through the trouble of getting these encryption technology installed.

If you want to check the safety of the top online casino Malaysia page in the most simple way, simply look at the webpage's address bar. If it has “HTTPS://”, then it is secure.

You can also check by using the padlock icon in the address bar. Open a trusted online casino site like EMPIRE777 Casino. If the padlock appears, click on it to see if the page is secured and certified.

EMPIRE777 online casino is secured

"Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this site."

If the webpage was not secured, then any information input on the page would be open for anyone to access. But with the security in place, it would be hard to difficult to crack open by any hacker. For the top online casino Malaysia to be secured, it would need the said SSL and TLS certificates that were mentioned earlier. If the online casinos were scams, they wouldn't go through the difficulty of securing these digital encryption certificates.


4. Unfair Wagering Requirements

Top online casinos in Malaysia usually promote their games and platform by offering players attractive bonuses. If a player wishes to use this bonus to get big winnings, then they will have to satisfy Wagering Requirements. These requirements vary per casino. In most cases, their difficulty of being achieved depends on how big the bonus is. Scam online casinos might make a scheme of offering players the chance to get bonuses. Casinos will require them to deposit money before being able to withdraw their winnings, and they will only be able to get the winnings once they satisfy their wagering requirements. The problem with this is that casinos can set their wagering requirements very high, so much so that it will be practically impossible to satisfy them and still be able to retain the winnings that the player initially won with the help of the bonus.

Players must then always be careful at checking for scam bonuses with their impossibly high wagering requirements. These scammers are just setting you up for failure, so always double-check everything (wagering requirements, terms, and conditions, the game's RTP), before depositing money.


5. They let you access your history of transactions (deposits and withdrawals)

Legitimate top online casinos, as much as possible, want to be transparent with their customers regarding their money. Like any other company, they want to be held accountable for anything and everything. They want to prove to their customers that they can be trusted with their money. That's why trusted online casinos always keep track of their players' financial transactions. They also make it possible for the players to access these financial transactions whenever they open their accounts. Yes, this is a standard for top online casinos in Malaysia everywhere, but fraudulent casinos will try their best to make it difficult for their victims to see with clarity where their money is going and how much is being taken from them.

View transaction history in EMPIRE777 Casino

Legitimate and trusted online casinos like EMPIRE777 Casino make their customers' transaction history readily available. Every financial transaction from depositing money to withdrawing winnings is tracked with IDs, dates, account, type, and even which game the money was used on.

Do not trust online casinos that do not have this feature, as they may be scammers.


6. Major Gambling Jurisdictions

There are primary gambling jurisdictions in the world that grant licenses to a trusted online casino. Check your best online casinos' license and if they came from these countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Isle of Man
  • Alderney
  • Kahnawake
  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta
  • Costa Rica
  • Philippines

These countries grant casino licenses, and the granted online casinos must strictly follow the rules each country sets when it comes to gambling.

If the online casino you are thinking about playing has a license but it does not come from these major gambling jurisdictions, then look for more signs that ensure that they are safe to play in.

Empire777 is licensed by Curacao e-Gaming

Following our previous example, EMPIRE777 operates with a Curacao Casino License. You can always check for yourself how safe the Curacao License is.


7. Listen to Fellow Gamers

Happy gambling is possible in EMPIRE777

Lastly, always listen to fellow gamers, because they're the ones who play the games themselves. Like you, they also want to enjoy betting and winning good payouts, and as players they know which online casinos are scams or not. Malaysian players can always go to forums to see what the latest news in the best online casino gambling industry is. They can even offer tips on what to do when you've been scammed. Players stick together and look out for one another. After all, at the end of the day, everyone just wants to go home happy both in their hearts and minds and in their pockets.

Always check comments, reviews, and forums that fellow gamers can voice their opinions on certain online casinos and games. But of course, also be careful with the accounts themselves. They may be trolls created by scammers to lead unseeming players to other scam casinos.

If you keep these additional tips in mind, you won't have a hard time finding the most trusted online casino in Malaysia.

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