How Foolproof is a Random Number Generator?

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Traditional Land-based Casinos have Live Dealers to shuffle a deck of cards: online casinos have a Random Number Generator (RNG) to do the shuffling for them. These RNGs are a cause for curiosity among many gamblers. Many wonder about its credibility.

Is a Random Number Generator really generating random numbers? How can punters make sure that online casinos don't use the RNG to cheat them of their winnings?

How foolproof is a Random Number Generator really?

Random Number Generator: What's it Made of?


Online Casinos need to use something that will imitate the function of a Live Dealer or the 'randomness' of a dice thrown on the table. For real life, it's up to chance and luck.

But with simulated online casino games like Blackjack or Roulette, random number generators will give the players the 'random' card or place where the ball lands in the roulette wheel.

So if Random Number Generators ultimately decide whether or not a player wins a big jackpot prize, it's no wonder why many gamblers are concerned by how it works.

Computer-Generated Algorithms

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To make things clear, let's start by saying that there are two types of Random Number Generators.

The first is based on a mathematical formula and is the easiest one to use. The 'randomness' is based on how well the algorithm is written and used by machines.

This is the type of RNG that online casinos use for their games. In order to make sure that the player doesn't get the same card or the same symbol in their slot reels, the RNG will take care of it by generating a random number (or symbol).

But there's another type of RNG that generates numbers closer to absolute randomness as technologically possible. These are called "True Random Number Generators".

True Random Number Generators and Absolute Randomness

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"Absolute Randomness" has something to do with science-related fields like Quantum Theory. All very interesting, but a bit difficult to understand by the layman due to its technicalities.

But we'll summarize it for you.

Basically, absolute randomness can only be achieved using really random things you can see in nature (like your environment or the things around you). It can be the number of times you press your keyboard at 2:00 in the afternoon. Most RNGs use atmospheric noise or the white background noise you hear from radios with no station.

This is closer to pure randomness because you as a human being who's typing on a keyboard cannot be predicted. Neither is the buzz noise you hear all around you.

Whereas a mathematical equation or algorithm has an equation. So, if there's an equation, then it cannot be totally random.

That's why it's better to call the kind of RNGs that online casinos use as "Pseudorandom Numbers".

Pseudorandom Numbers

But that's not to say that Pseudorandom Numbers aren't random! They are totally random. Just not as 'purely random' as the ones scientists say is random via the Quantum Theory.

Of course, top online casinos in Malaysia such as EMPIRE777 Casino and others won't use RNGs if they're not really foolproof.

Both types of RNGs are both safe to use. It just depends on where you'll use it.

Pseudorandom Numbers are good for gaming--this includes both video games and online casino games. The player won't really need completely random numbers since the ones that this type of RNG generates is random enough for the player.

But if you're using RNGs for encryption technology (protecting important information, etc.) then you will need an RNG that's close to achieving "absolute" or "pure" randomness. They will need to use True Random Number Generators.

So it all depends on the level of need.

Online Casinos need only re-create randomness as similar as possible to the toss of a deck of real cards, or the flip of a coin.

So rest assured that RNGs that create Pseudorandom Numbers used by online gaming is still very safe.

Are Random Number Generators Foolproof?

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If by "foolproof" you mean it's uncrackable or can't be hacked, then the answer is a bit complicated. It will depend on who intends to do the hacking and whether or not the online casino's RNG is tested and regulated by a third party.

Yes, even the online casino's RNG is tested and regulated by a third party. Most often, it's the gambling jurisdiction that gave the online casino the official license to operate.

In the case of trusted online casino EMPIRE777, the Random Number Generators they use for their casino games are officially regulated by major gambling jurisdiction Gaming Curacao.

Their online casino games like Slot Games, Live Casino and Table Games come from the most trusted game software providers in Malaysia. These are GamePlay, Pragmatic Play, Play'n Go, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil and more.

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So to answer the question, are Random Number Generators Foolproof?


They can be cracked. But it will need a lot of time, effort, and knowledge of the specific equation that's being used.


It's almost impossible for hackers to crack RNGs used by online casinos because they're secured by industrial-grade Encryption and Firewall Technology.

If your online casino is legitimate and not a scam, they will continuously upgrade their Security through said Encryption and Firewall tech. This is how trusted online casinos like EMPIRE777 protect their players and their gambling platform as well.

That's why you don't see news of trusted online casinos like EMPIRE777 being hacked. Unless that online casino is 918Kiss which they say can be hacked.

In Conclusion

There are two common types of Random Number Generators. There are Pseudorandom Number Generators that use computer-generated algorithms for their 'randomness'. Then there is True Random Number Generators which use the environment (such as atmospheric background noise) for its 'randomness'.

Online Casinos like EMPIRE777 Casino use the former since the latter is mostly used for high-grade encryption security. Still, it's completely foolproof and safe since online casino's RNGs are constantly checked by third-party regulators.

In fact, a lot of people have won jackpot prizes playing EMPIRE777 Casino's Jackpot Slot Games.

So what are you waiting for?

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