Cara Hack Mesin Slot: 2 Online Slot Hack You Need to Know!

cara hack mesin slot 918kiss

Malaysian online gamblers can win big jackpot slots in two ways: 1) Luck or 2) Brains! Want know know Cara nak menang slot online? Use your brain and be smart. Not many players want to do the forbidden way, but they can hack slot online to win big prizes instantly!

Cara Hack Slot Online 2020

There are 3 ways to hack online slot game malaysia and win big jackpot prizes. You can use this to hack slot machines using iPhone or Android:

1. Slot Hack Software

Some online players use a slot hack software to cheat the online slot game, similar to how Malaysians hack SCR888 918kiss casino slot games.

A slot hack software will help players win big prizes by manipulating the game. There are many ways they do this.

How to Hack Permainan Slot Online Using Software:

  1. Look for Real Slot Hack Software online
  2. Download the hack software (apk)
  3. Install the hack software to the device you're using to play permainan slot
  4. Software will hack online slot you're playing
  5. Win big jackpot slot prizes instantly!
Kinds of Hack Software


There are many kinds of slot hack software online. But let's take the example of how players hack 918Kiss or SCR888.

One way to hack 918Kiss or SCR888 is through a hack software that 'scans' the 918Kiss or SCR888 app. What are they scanning for? They will scan all the games and show you which has highest chance of winning.

scanner slot online hack software malaysia

See? If bermain permainan without hacking the slot, then you will have extremely low chances of winning. Most of 918Kiss or SCR888 games have low winning rates, only 9% to 15%.

Here's another hack software using a "scanner" way of hacking:

Reverse-Engineer RNG

The other way to hack slot games is to "reverse-engineer RNG". The video above shows a more complicated way of hacking 918Kiss or SCR888. It's not clear how the developer does it, but it looks like he's installed a hack software that will change the slot game's algorithm (RNG) so that the player will always get big wins and special game features.

Reverse Engineering the RNG or Random Number Generator means you're changing the way the online slot's reels spin and give random symbols. If you use the slot hack software, you will always get winning combinations!

hack slot online software reverse engineer rng
hack slot online software reverse engineer rng

Developer is installing a software (you can see the coding script)

Pros of a Hacking Software:

  • It makes winning online slots easy! Just make sure you download a real or legitimate software.
  • You're playing smart. You're winning big jackpot slot prizes without any effort at all!

Cons of a Hacking Software:

  • It's risky to use a software to hack slot online. There are many scammers or penipu out in the internet that just want money from beginner players.
  • You have to pay if you want to get a good slot hack software. The price depends on the developer of the software. Hopefully you can bargain for a prize that you can both agree on.

Just be careful with giving out your banking information. Remember, there's almost no way you can get back your money once you send it to someone on the internet, especially if it's a scam.

2. Use Online Slot Game RTP, Hit Frequency, Volatility

But if you don't want to pay for a hacking software or take a risk in getting scammed back, player can use the tried-and-tested tips to win slot online. If player use these tips and strategy, he/she will also be playing smart. Try these tips when playing EMPIRE777's Jackpot Slots!

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Check Online Slot's RTP (Return to Player)

One way to know if the online slot is worth playing is by checking its RTP or Return to Player.

RTP (Return to Player) - the total amount player already bet that the slot is likely to give back over a period of time.

What you need to know is that you should play online slot games with high RTP (96% and above) and ignore the rest.

Understand Hit Frequency

Many players forget Hit Frequency because they're busy with RTP and Volatility, etc. But Hit Frequency is also important!

Hit Frequency - how often a slot game will make a winning combination vs. a losing combination

Slot Games with Higher Hit Frequency will have higher chances of hitting the winning combination!

High Volatility vs. Low Volatility

High Volatility - high risk (high bet), high reward (big jackpot)

Low Volatility - low risk (low bet), low reward (low prize amount)

For players with limited bankroll or money, try low volatility slots online (LOW reward but STABLE)

For high rollers, try high volatility.

Is it Illegal to Hack Slot Online?

There's no Malaysian gambling laws regulating online casinos, so if you get caught hacking a slot online, you can most likely get away with it.

But if you get scammed paying for a hacking software, there's no way to get your money back.

What else can I do to Win Online Slots if not by Hacking?

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