Keno 101: The Ultimate Guide on How to Play Keno and win

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In this article, we'll share with you the ultimate guide in how to play Keno and win! Keno is a popular lottery-style casino game whose origins can be traced back all the way from Ancient China, similar to the casino game Sic Bo.

Keno is a game you can find and play on both land-based and online casinos. It's the type of game that allows the player to make both low-stakes and high-stakes bets.

Although the game is known for having simple mechanics and an attractive jackpot, some will cite unfavorable playing odds for the player (the house having more edge). But that's not all there is to Keno.

Although they say that there's an undeniable house edge, there are still ways to play the game that will turn the odds into your favor. So get ready to win the Keno Jackpot!

Here's the Ultimate Guide on How to Play Keno and win:

How to Play Keno and win

  1. Buy a Keno Card from either an online casino or a land-based casino. If you want to play within the comforts of your own home with hassle-free transactions, then online casinos like EMPIRE777Is are the best choice for you. They have secure payment methods and brilliant high-paying games.
  2. The keno card will have 80 numbers all in all.
  3. You will select or mark off 10-15 numbers on your Keno card, depending on the casino's rules.
  4. After that, the Random Number Generator (RNG) will start selecting 20 numbers that will determine your winning chance in this round of Keno.
  5. How much you win (payout) will be determined by 2 things: a) How many of your chosen numbers matched the numbers churned out by the RNG b) The casino's payout rate
  6. Did you know that you could also wager on either the Keno Card's top 40 numbers (1-40) or the bottom 40 numbers (41-80)? Yep, it’s totally possible since other casinos do it that way!

How to Win Keno

Since Keno is greatly determined by how much your odds are at winning the jackpot prize, then you should probably get to learn those factors as well.

Bad news, the odds of winning really big jackpot prizes in Keno are a bit small. The standard house edge in every game of Keno is between 20% and 35%.

Good news, there are still ways to win! What they don't tell you is that there are many strategies you can use to bring home a big payout! And that if you do win, the returns can range up to 50% - 74% or 84% - 95%. It all depends on where you choose to play.

Keno Strategies to Win

Use a Keno Calculator

Keno Calculators are a handy tool in calculating how good your odds are. Simply input how many numbers you will choose and mark-off in the keno card, and it will calculate what are your chances of hitting a matching ball when there are 80 in play, and 20 will be drawn via RNG.

Generally, there's an impossible low chance of not matching even 1 ball. There's a high chance of matching at least 1 ball for every round of Keno.

It's actually more advised to bet on lower numbers. The lower your chosen numbers (say 5), the greater your odds are of winning.

Play a Progressive Keno Jackpot Game

Generally, progressive jackpots offer more chances of winning bigger prizes. Luckily, there are Keno games whose jackpots are progressive. Wanna know how to win? Here are some tips to win progressive jackpots.

Try other Variations of Keno Games

Online casinos actually have more variations of Keno Games, so the general house edge that can be unfair to players won't be the same in the other types of Keno from online casinos.

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