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Do Casinos Cheat Players: Secrets of the Gambling Industry

September 10, 2019 991 0
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Online casinos like 918Kiss have records of cheating their players through scams, but traditional land-based casinos have their fair share of it as well. It's how they make money, after all.

Their "cheating methods" are actually one of the most well-kept secrets of the gambling industry. This cheating involves the whole casino, from their dealers to security and even the bar serving one drink after the next

Interested to find out? Read down below!

How Do Casinos Cheat their Players?

Traditional land-based casinos have many schemes they use to cheat their players into losing more.

These are:

Dealers manipulating the deck of cards

casino dealers cheating
  • They can remove essential cards from the deck such as a 10 or a Queen. This automatically raises the house edge.
  • Dealers re-shuffle the cards on the spot when they notice that a player is either winning too much or have high chances of winning. These players may be using tips or tricks such as card-counting systems to win.
  • Sometimes, dealers also do a "sleight of hand". This is done especially when they can shuffle cards really fast. A 'sleight of hand' is done when the dealer picks a card from the bottom of the deck instead of the top.
  • Marked Cards- some cards will be marked with smudges, folds, markings, or tears. These tell the dealer the value of an undealt card.

Sometimes the dealers will even intimidate the players, which is one way of manipulating the atmosphere of the game.

Some Casino Games are Designed to Make You Lose Money

  • It’s no secret that casino games are designed to benefit the casino. It's their business after all. But there are some games that are worse off than others.
  • The following games have a high house edge:
  1. Three-Card Poker
  2. Let It Ride
  3. Carribean Stud Poker
  4. Double Exposure Blackjack
  • But there are some games that are better than others. Easy but high-paying casino games such as Traditional Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette have a relatively low house edge.

Casinos Will Do Everything To Keep You Playing Until You Lose

  • When casinos give you free alcoholic drinks, it's not because they're feeling generous. Gamblers betting while drunk is ideal for casinos.
  • Playing suggestive background music

Sometimes casinos will use game rules that aren't authorized by any gambling authority. Always know the game's rules first before playing.

Some will "Rig" the Games

rigged dice
  • Some casinos won't be afraid to rig the game machines or equipmentbecause of certain legal "loopholes". One example for this is found in Nevada State Gaming Control Board's Minimum Internal Control Standards.

False Advertising

Some online casinos cheat players through false advertising. For example, the casino may send emails of a welcome promotion they're having. But when the player finally registers, the casino goes back on their word.

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But what about online casinos? Are they so safe to play in compared to traditional land-based casinos?

Countless of online gamblers post their complaints in Malaysian gambling forums about being scammed by online casinos in Malaysia. They even claim that the infamous 918Kiss or SCR888 are scammers.

scr888 918kiss blacklisted

But we will eventually learn that these scammers are hackers using the name and reputation of trusted online casinos in Malaysia. They make fake websites posing with false identities--they even claim that they are affiliated with said online casinos. But really, they're scammers out to cheat unknowing online gamblers of their money through fake deposits.


Protected by Gambling Technology

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Unlike Traditional Land-based Casinos, Online Casinos use state of the art encrypted technology like Random Number Generators or RNGs that make sure both sides play fair.

Trusted Online Casinos are Licensed and Regulated

Like EMPIRE777 Casino, trusted online casinos are licensed and regulated by major gambling jurisdictions. For example, EMPIRE777 Casino is licensed and regulated by Gaming Curacao, one of the major gambling jurisdictions in the world.

The Answer is…

No, legitimate online casinos don’t cheat their players. So, just be careful of playing in There are signs to identify if you are playing in a blacklisted online casino, so check it out. Here are more signs to tell if you're playing in a trusted online casino or not.

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