5 Best Online Casino Forums for Malaysian Gamblers

best online casino forums

Every industry has a growing community present online. The same can be said of online casino gaming. Online Casinos have recently dominated the gambling industry thanks to the convenience, security, and variety of casino games that they have introduced.

Thanks to online casinos, gamblers can now set their bets from anywhere in the world, all with the use of a handy smartphone or tablet. Gone are the days of trading money for chips, and leaving the comforts of home (even traveling long distances) just to set a bet.

Online casinos are thriving, and so is the online casino community from all over the world. These communities interact with one another not just in the online casino game rooms, but in online casino forums everywhere.

Of course, as with every industry, online casino players need to share information with one another. And this is where online casino forums come in!

The Usefulness of Online Casino Forums

Forums are defined as online discussion groups. They also serve as a sort of 'chat room' where users can talk and interact with one another on a certain topic.

Bulletin Board Announcements are one example of the many kinds of forums. What's clear is that participants of the forums are all united in discussing one specific topic.

Online Forums are good places to discuss certain interests people share with others. That's how communities are formed. Online Casino Gamblers also have their communities where they discuss concerns and questions (even just ideas or thoughts) about online casino gaming!

The Malaysian Online Casino Landscape

Online Casinos are also big in Malaysia! Many Malaysians love playing slot games, fish-shooting games, animal-themed casino games like Monkey Thunderbolt, and more! They also love playing for real money.

So it's natural that Malaysians will have their favorite online casino forums that they will go to discuss which games give the most payout, and which top online casinos are the best to play in.

Players can discover the best online casinos in an online casino forum. They will recommend online casinos that have built a good reputation over the years.

Sometimes, even random users can recommend trusted online casinos like EMPIRE777 Casino on their threads for both newbie and seasoned casino players to pick up on.

EMPIRE777 casino hot games

Needless to say, many players discover casinos most suited for them. For example, EMPIRE777 Casino has a lot of slot games that all look amazing to play! Online gamblers can try playing in this trusted online casino first for fun, and then with real money.

If many players look through good online casino forums as well, they can experience the same luck the others have with the best online casinos. This is all good, as long as they know where to look.

So Here's a list of the Best Online Casino Forums for Malaysian Gamblers:

1. CasinoPub


CasinoPub is an online casino forum that specializes in online casinos in Malaysia. Their forums are well-known for having the most active users in posting their thoughts on online casinos and games. 

Malaysian Gamblers post the following on CasinoPub Forums:

- Online Casino Reviews

- Online Casino Game Reviews

- Live Casino Reviews

- Best Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

- Latest Casino Bonuses and Ongoing Promotions

- Gambling Tips and Guides (Do's & Don’ts of Online Gambling)

- They cover Slot Games, Table Games (such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, etc.), Live Casino and even Sports Betting

- Blacklisted Casinos

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CasinoPub also prides itself on recommending only the best online casinos in Malaysia, such as trusted online casino EMPIRE777 Casino and more.

CasinoPub also has its own criteria in evaluating which online casinos are the best.

They evaluate based on:

- Game Quality and Selection

- Certification and Licensing

- Reliability of Customer Support

- Bonuses and Promotions

Casino players can rest assured that they will only see the best and most trusted online casinos in Malaysia on CasinoPub's forums.

2. Tom188

tom188 online casino forum

Tom188.com is an online betting forum that's more directed towards the Malaysian-Chinese community. It's well known that one of the biggest gambling communities within Malaysia are either Malaysian-Chinese or Indian players. For Malaysian-Chinese online gamblers, Tom188.com is their very own special forum.

Although the language can be translated to English, users mostly discuss in Simplified Chinese.

Their forum discussions are very active, with around 30, 000 members. They have discussion threads for E-Games like DOTA, Online Casinos, and even have their own Complaint threads towards scammer betting companies.

If you're Malaysian Chinese and you want to know more about online gambling in Malaysia, then you should definitely visit this online casino forum.

3. GamingPro.Asia


Gaming Pro Asia is also an online gaming forum that caters to Malaysians. They have both English and Simplified Chinese language options on their site, meaning that they also have a lot of Malaysian-Chinese users.

You can access their Forum through the "Blow Water Area" page. Although it's still a small online casino forum compared to the likes of Tom188 and CasinoPub, they have threads discussing online gambling. There are posts asking how other players always manage to win in gambling & if they have any tips, what 918Kiss is, and which football team they think will win the Premier League (EPL) for sports betting reasons.

Besides the forum, they also have a dedicated page to Trusted Gaming Sites, Blacklisted Gaming Sites, Winning Tips for Casino Games, and Genting Highlands Casino news.

4. AsianBookie


Asian Bookie is more of a sports betting website with a forum dedicated to Asian online gambling. Under multi-language forums, they have AsianBookie China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Malaysian-Chinese can access the China forum.

Although Malaysia doesn't have their own discussion room, they have their own Horse Racing and Lottery Forum. These cover Toto, 4D, Magnum, and more. There are many threads that also discuss the Malaysian Football League.

Special Mention:

5. AskGamblers


AskGamblers is one of the more popular online casino forums on the internet, though they cater more to US-based and European casinos than the Asian market.

Still, they have a well-maintained and structured online casino forum, with many active users visiting their site daily. Malaysia doesn't have its own discussion room or forum, but many online players post Malaysian online casino-related topics, questions, and even news.

6. GamblingForums.com


Gambling Forums also caters to the international gambling community, but they also have good threads and posts about Malaysian online casinos.

They have discussion rooms separated by casinos, games, types of gambling (lottery, horse racing, sports betting) and other topics.

gambling forums discussions

They also have categories based on land-based casinos (Las Vegas, Atlantic City), and trading like Forex, Binary, and BitCoin.

You can also take a look at CasinoComander's Reviews of popular online casinos in Malaysia.

And while you're at it, find out which online casino bonuses are considered favorites by Malaysian gamblers.


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